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Undeterred by the relatively low number of entries in my previous competitions (such as this one), or by the fact that I won the last competition myself but so far the other entrants have not yet awarded me with the agreed prizes, here's another one.

There is a map on page 9 of the SDG presentation to the recent Transport Study Steering Group which looks like this:

Most of the circled numbers show the number of vehicles entering or leaving that particular entry/exit point to the study area within a 16 hour time period (6am-10pm). The survey was done using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), so it was also possible to calculate the number of vehicles which entered but did not leave, within a certain time period (not sure how long), so is assumed to either live in the area or have business here (e.g. visiting residents, working, visiting shops or restaurants etc.) - the green circle in the middle saying 58897.

My question is, what percentage of vehicles is "through traffic" i.e. has no business in the area but just passing through?

Bonus question: what percentage of the through traffic ought to be using Wightman Road?

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73% is through traffic?


Good to see some entries quick off the mark - Harringay may have only 40% car ownership but at least two of you have calculators!

However I think you're both wrong :)

"Most of the circled numbers", should have looked at the question more carefully as it had a clue.


I just realised I never posted my own answer to this question.

Actually it's a bit less than anyone has calculated so far, about 56% I think.

Reasoning - there are 210,410 recorded movements at the perimeter of the study area.

Of those, 58,897 started or ended within the study area. The remaining 210,410-58,897=151,513 vehicle movements were recorded entering at one end and leaving at the other, without stopping. But that must equate to 75,756.5 (i.e. half of 151,513) actual individual journeys, since each journey would be recorded twice, once entering and once leaving.

So if there were 75,756 through-traffic journeys and 58,897 journeys which did have business in the area, the percentage which is through-traffic is 75756/(75756+58897)=56.3%.

So that is 56% of "Green Lanes Area" traffic which is not coming here to visit friends and relatives, or for a kebab or a haircut or buy some jewellery - it is just passing through.

I don't think anyone tried to answer the bonus question - how much of that 56% ought to be on Wightman Road? The answer is obviously 0%. It should be using the Primary or Strategic Routes i.e. A-roads. Wightman Road (and the rung roads which make the ladder as a whole so attractive to ratrunners) needs to be protected from through-traffic.

Is that about 75% then



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