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In response to a post yesterday about the old council depot on Wightman Road (opposite Effingham), I posted an outline of the building's history. Walking past today, I called in to see if I could verify a couple of my assumptions.

I was also delighted to discover a manhole cover which might well be covering the culverted Stonebridge Brook. You can still hear what sounds like the brook flowing below and it's in about the right place - it's a possibility at any rate.

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Is it linked to the noisy water/drain cover on the junction of Cranliegh & Etherley Roads?

Apparently not. We lifted and filmed the water under that drain cover, and the misconnections officer said he was sure from the shape of the cover in our video that it was a sewer running under there. But when the feasibility project starts, all these drain covers can be lifted, and cameras sent down etc. Will keep you all posted here. I'm still not sure about that drain cover - the water below is so constant, fast flowing and noisy, and certainly did not smell sewer like. 

Fascinating pictures in the other thread. I've always thought (based only on passing it so many times) that the brook ran along the noticeable dip cutting through the north-west corner, where the grass also grew greener and deeper. That would seem to correlate with the angle of the bricked course you've glimpsed.

Glad you mentioned this drain cover. I have never known it to smell nasty which leads me to wonder whether it is not a sewer! 

I think you can also hear the brook where Haringey Park and Bourne Road meet (unless it's a coincidental sewer)!

This also matches Hugh's maps that he posted re: the well.



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