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This evening 19 January 2023 there'll be a meeting of Haringey Licencing committee starting at 7.00 pm. Anyone can watch online (Microsoft Teams). Or view the recording afterwards.

Details and reports are on the Council's website. There's a current and previous history of various critical issues about the RAKKAS Restaurant; 365-369 GREEN LANES N4 - involving nearby  residents; Council Enforcement staff; and other bodies.

Link to Committee Report Frontsheet here

Link to the full reports.

An earlier report about Rakkas from  May 2021 gives some history.

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No. It was India and Tristram and their friends who made Harringay a nicer place to live. Priced out of Islington, Crouch End and Stokey they moved to the Ladder, Gardens and St Anns in search of larger and cheaper houses. They brought with them community involvement like the annual lantern parade. Their children and their expectations raised the bar of local schools which were previously dire. Their disposable income drew in a renovated Sainsbury, Jam in a Jar, Blend and other decent shops. All of that in turn attracted more of the same. So did this website. It provided a forum to establish local identity, collaboration to fix problems and challenge the council to improve standards of service. They also provided a market for Mums, Harringay Local Store and Abracao and other shops thay rely on the disposable incomes of relatively affluent people. 

I say thank you India and good luck with the yoga studio!

There actually was a Tristam for a while. Tristram Hunt who was incongruously a Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent.

A right Tristram he turned out to be as well!

First, there was The Harringay Market, then came Blend and The Local Store. We owe a lot to Jessica Vos for showing that the disposable income was there in the first place.

Did she set up the market? That was great for food and just to have a chat and get to know the locals. I suppose we all owe her a few drinks for the increases in the value of our properties since then!

What was the outcome of the meeting?

All these responses do is confirm how racists and bias this site is. 

Sorry if the voice of a woman like me to too much on this site. 

Livi babe - what part is Fantasy? the truth? 

Gordon - How long did that response take? Sorry you never got that Guardian job mate - Maybe BBC3 still does mediocre? 

The simple build up of insults on a woman like me on this site - on this topic shows what this site is and the racism and bias in this gentrified community. 

I'm out of this discussion. 

First an apology.
I viewed part of the application online. And hoped others would take the opportunity both to read the report and watch the different views presented.  I mentioned - as stated on  Haringey's website - that people could watch the live meeting online; or the recording later.  This was misleading as currently the recording has not yet been posted. Which is a shame since - as far as I recall - the lawyer for Rakkas briefly and helpfully suggested how the committee members needed to fairly balance the interests of this business and of ocal residents.

I'm disappointed that so far, a few people on HoL seem reluctant to consider the application by Rakkas in an open-minded way. And based solely on the evidence presented by and about this business. Maybe posting the recording of the hearing will help.

"In an open-minded way". 

Engaged in that way, on the specific licensing issue rather than social media style generic cultural abuse.



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