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For anyone who doesn't live on the internet, The CNSR describes himself  as "primarily a food critic for the mandem, but with enough articulate dexterity to critique more than wings" and his visits to the capital's chicken shops to find the best chicken and chips went viral a couple of years ago. This week, in episode 41 he finally gets to test the chicken shop on the corner of Seymour Road, Chickenways

Enjoy his short film on You Tube here

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Always Chickenways!

You can’t beat an Indika chicken burger. 

It will always be Zam's.

2 for £3 since 2015.

Not eating that pigeon

Zam's wet blotting paper .

John and Soto, I think you should both watch the review, or drop in for a taste test. Bossman serves neither pigeon nor 'wet blotting paper'.



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