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I am thinking about the Park View for my childrens high school. It is my closer school. 

Do you know if it is the good school that is safe? I have see the performance score in The Standard newspaper and it give me two messages. P8 score is negative! Does this mean the children do not learn well? Do they go then to good college and university? Is there hard discipline for the kids?

The school say I must come to open day to see but will this show what the school is really true?

It looks good and have nice building. The childrens look happy at the front of the Park View.

Please tell me if it is good for your children. Are there problems from the gangs?

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I might be a bit out of date as my kids left school a few years ago. Mine went to Hornsey and Heartlands but lots of their networks went to PV - and it is worth saying that my impression was that PV was particularly good at building on individual strengths - and that might mean encouraging individuals to do very well. Out of the top of my head I can think of 3 kids from PV  who went to Oxford/Cambridge and another who won a very prestigious scholarship to US Ivy League - just from my kids' cohort.

Rose Sanchez, I am delighted to see that you've had responses from people with real education for the whole child at heart, such as Liz and Rory. A decade of Toryism, two decades of academisation and three decades of OfSteddying have squeezed such values out of people's understanding. I wish that when Stav Aristides writes, "The trick seems to be to buy in a catchment area . . . etc" she is being heavily ironic and writing a Swiftian satire on how to process the offspring of the Borough for tomorrow's Brave New World. But I have a terribly sinking feeling that Stav, like Kotkas, is not being satirical.  Rose Sanchez, if Park View or Heartlands are in any sense your neighbourhood schools, send your children to one of them. Early in 2026, sit down with your eldest and start talking with her/him about Sixth Form.

ps. OmiGoodGod, I see I'm two years' late with my profound advice. I've just noticed your post is dated July 2019. Oh well, I hope your eldest is enjoying her/his Year 8 at Park View or Heartlands, despite all the spells of lockdown and home schooling.  EF

Thank you David and Mr Emporium. I've done a bit of research and spoken to teachers and parents at both schools. I'm genuinely impressed by the Park View offering. It looks like the place to be. I was wrong to think the aspirations are aligned to the lowest benchmark. Sounds like they tailor expectations to each individual child.



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