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The old post office and other empty retail places: what will happen next?

Builders have started clearing out the old post office. Does anyone know what this is going to become?

Is there any info on the fate of other empty places, like Santander next door, the furniture shop opposite (that used to be fairline but became a Turkish restaurant for a while). 

And what about the tiny Vietnamese restaurant next to the Salisbury, gathering dust since it closed.

A lot of building work was taking place at Pentadaktilos, the Cypriot Men’s social club opposite the Salisbury  that closed last year. But the building site has been locked well before the lockdown.

The fish and chip shop that uses to be a Greek record shop has sadly been gone for a while. I wonder what will happen here and other places that I can’t think of right now.

This may not be a top priority at the moment. But whatever happens next could be Crucial to the future identity of the neighbourhood.

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I think that was Nationwide, with Santander one or two doors further north ???

You're Right, Eddie, next door to the PO was Nationwide, at 513. Abbey/Santander was 517, William Hill was 519. My apologies for the earlier confusion.

Sorry all, my fault as I initially got them the wrong way round. They’ve been empty for so long and my memory is fading 

Had a look at Future Leisure Ltd of Greenford and they seem to be manufacturers of gaming machines, so a slot machine emporium by the sounds of it.

Why can't we get a NORMAL shop? Why does it always have to be gambling shops or Turkish restaurants?

I've emailed them to oppose it, the more of us do the better: licensing@haringey.gov.uk

That means there squaters in there

Isn't it on the outside? If so, I suppose anyone could remove it.

Then I wonder if STB may be right, unless someone nipped in for a quick bit of fly-posting when a workman left the door open.

There have been squatters in there twice since they closed the post office. There have also been squatters in tents in the car park to the rear. No squatters currently. 
The poster has been there for ages, a remnant of the original squatters.

Thanks, Jill. I had no idea. 

Right Osbawn. It's time all us bastards took a class action against this oft-repeated charge. So, who'll file it on our behalf?



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