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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The pub was closed last night and I have heard that Dave and Hazel have left - anybody know why?


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They have indeed left, and the pub has now been reopened under new management.

Maybe the new management will serve coffees ?

Sad! No more death metal screaming from the jukebox on a Sunday night..however will we cope?

New management should tune in to the demographics, it's a great location for a potential quality venue, preferably one that allows us to promote Haringey's art scene too.

and with a pretty new face. What's the target demographic for that?

It's either this or another bookies'.

Local demographics I'm sure include some working class white folks who might like a good old fashioned boozer without specialised foreign ales at high prices and art things going on. Some folks like to watch footie with a pint- they need to be catered for as well and there aren't that many places left round here like that. So many pubs have become gastro pubs with little character or characters left. 

The Woodbury certainly caters for that demographic...

Good. I haven't been though so should go and investigate! 

I agree about diversity- demographics was mentioned in an earlier post by ingo and I wanted to make sure a group that sometimes gets left out was included.

We have all sorts on Green Lanes for sure, social class, ethnicities, and ages etc and it's good to have places that cater for all. We don't all want to eat Turkish food and spend time in coffee shops though of course it's good to have the options. Good old fashioned boozers are good to have around as part of the mix and also places like the Langham Club. 


Most pubs serve coffee these days. If I want a chat with a friend and I prefer coffee while he wants a beer, why not ? It sounds as if you want sawdust on the floor.

And what. exactly, is wrong with Crouch End ?



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