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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

It's not only France that will be deciding who takes the big decisions for the foreseeable future.

We have our own local elections shortly.

So, if you want a Council that cannot tell the difference between fly-tipping and putting out a bin bag 40 mins before the allotted time - vote Labour in the local Council elections on 5 May.

Story in the Ham & High

Crouch End woman fined £400 for putting bins out 40 minutes early

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Quite possibly. Since the Ombudsman found in favour of the 'black bin lady' (when Haringey Council had rejected her appeal, I think there might be grounds for taking the Choir Leader's case to the Ombudsman also. 

No, another case of a 'computer says no' mindset from our Council. This sort of practice - leaving serviceable items out in front of your property others to use - has gone on for decades. Not any longer. Well, done for nipping in the bud any attempts at community spirit from this individual. 

As for the argument that this could cause a hazard for the visually impaired - no-one seems to mind that our streets are littered with wheelie bins both on days of collection and non-collection. 

Ombudsman 1 - Haringey Council 0. (Own goal.)

As I keep saying Haringey Council is INEPTITUDE Incorporated.

They gave residents on the upper Steele rd N17 wheelie bins which stay permanently on the pavement because these homes have no front garden at street level. Then they added a second bin for recycling and other bins for green waste as well as food. 
Ineptitude incorporated…very poor se4vice provider. P o o r!

They have a very poor reputation for service based entirely on their own historical incompetence. I have just started to use their new resident parking system that doesn't require a visible permit and to be honest I was expecting a parking ticket to appear on my car within the first day or two of its use, but so far so good. That's how much confidence I have with anything to do with Haringey council. 

Wherever you live in the borough, it’s illogical to rail against flytipping but try to make an exception for leaving items on a footpath as “good” flytipping. Look at it the other way round: We all hate discarded mattresses and furniture on the street, for example, but I suspect would be unlikely to sympathise with someone who claimed they were doing a “community service” by dumping them as objects that technically could still be used. While there are certainly free alternatives to leaving a desk on the street, as mentioned by Liz (HoL, or Freecycle, for instance), there’s also a major barrier to legit disposal of bulky items if you haven’t got a car or vehicle to go to a recycling centre — Veolia’s charges. I got rid of a broken fridge and mower via Veolia, but had to pay £20, which many people can’t afford (yes, I know I could have left 4 objects out for £20, but these were what I had). Either bulk waste collection should be free or community clear-ups need to be reinstated; Haringey were wrong in the bin-bag case, but flytipping will continue to be a problem while the legit alternatives are too expensive. 



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