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Filmed Sep 4, 2019, on the New River Path just to the north of the tunnel which passes under Hewitt Road.

Not a thrilling video, but I was surprised to see this thing spring in to life.

I've no idea if this machine is automated or is remotely controlled by someone in another location. There was certainly no one on site.

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I was standing on the little bridge yesterday watching this.  Strangely riveting 

I saw a similar one at work down at Copper mills in Walthamstow Wetlands. Agree with Michael, once I'd stopped looking for the operator I was mesmerized.

Hi Hugh, The 3-4 auto weed removers located along the course of the NR are not very sophisticated! They operate independently and there is no computer control but I think they have sensors fitted but when watching them operate there is often nothing to pick up in the way of weed or rubbish. They are located at Maidens Bridge, Enfield (to protect the flow through the Dowcra Aquaduct over the Maidens Brook), at the NCRd, Palmers Green to protect the under road 'U' bend and at Hewitt Rd for the tunnel. I think there is another at Stoke Newington before approx 70% of the NR water goes into pipes to Coppermills Treatment works at Walthamstow. Regards all. John of the NRAG who leads annual walks along the course of the New River.

Thanks, John. 



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