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I saw this guy in the New River, on the stretch behind Wightman Road. Do lobsters live in viaducts usually? I was surpsised to see him/her pottering along.

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I think it's a crayfish, I don't think lobsters are freshwater inhabitants

I was thinking that... my knowledge of the animal kingdom is notorioulsy poor. 

Still, it was a surpsrise to see on my afternoon stroll.

Hehe! It's a great spot, hopefully means the water is relatively clean too!

You used to be able to get a licence to catch them on the New River. Think it was stopped for some reason or another though.

It must have been very recent then. Paul from Harringay Local and I both got one. 

I have vague memories that it was to do with pollution levels or something. Only a temporary stoppage.

...ahem.....to which I've responded....tum....dee....dah...tum....dee....dee.......ahem

I applied about a year ago and was refused, on the grounds of pollution levels making the things unsafe to eat.

Loads in the Winchmore Hill stretch....or were.

Loads of crayfish in the canal at the Tottenham marshes. I think you can fish them at will as they have overpopulated this stretch of river and are considered a pest? 

In fact its claws look a little too large for a crayfish? Could be a lobster that someone set free?



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