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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Has anyone else seen/read the above and if so, what do you think of this new newspaper?

If you haven't seen it it is published by Archant, comes out once a week on a Friday and costs £2. It's available at most local news agents. It was started only 3 months ago as a result of the referendum on EU membership and is obviously aimed at so called remain voters. 

Finding it an interesting read in some parts but not sure if the format will last. Nice to see news on what's happening around Europe, not just the UK.

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It's quoted for sale in four different countries that use the Euro: France 5.75, Germany 5.90, Luxembourg 7.10 and Belgium 4. I presume that this is not about distribution costs but is just pricing according to what the market will bear. Matt got it for £2 which is 2.30 in Euros and I was laughing. Shame on me, he should buy the lot and export them to Germany!

You have a sense of humour, John. Who knew? 

Yes give it another go. Maybe John will join you, so he then knows what he's talking about for a change.

I'd rather just read the FT. You can try ftalphaville for free if you like.

I was told about this newspaper by a friend who thought it would be interesting for young adults who were unhappy about the Brexit vote and/or aren't interested in reading newspapers particularly ones they regard as mainstream (ie, fuddy duddy eg, the Times etc)

I haven't managed to read it yet thanks to the black butterfly but it will no doubt end up at the bottom  of the guinea pigs' hutch as per all newspapers.

For people more interested in a Left perspective, but who may find the Morning Star a little dry, there is The Word, a new newspaper of the Left, which is non party but broadly Labour and Corbyn(ish). Currently fortnightly, it aspires to be more. Order from your newsagent or pm me and I will drop a copy off to you.

The European is published by Archant which is a Norwich company. I have lived in Norwich for over 40 years having been brought up in Wood Green. I am pleased to say that in the referendum Norwich overwhelming voted to remain in the EU. I particularly enjoy reading it (or holding it up) in front of the Sun, Star, Daily Mail and Express readers in bars and restaurants. Being a broadsheet my arms are open wide, I like to sit in a relaxed position with my legs wide opened, I make a bit of a kerfuffle when turning over pages hopefully to the annoyance of others (leavers) and is well worth the £2 for just the attention I attract. Its a good read too.



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