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Is there any way to get the music at Turnpike Lane tube station changed? If we have to have music playing does it have to always be classical? Why not some jazz, Indian classical, funk, Soca, just mix it up. But all western classical all the time; we're not Belsize Park.

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I agree, Onewoman I like it - as long as they don't put " Bolero " on a loop. Miserable sods up there Vikram and Hugh - you're only in earshot for less than a minute :-)
I love classical John, but it's not the only thing I love. I'd just be happy with variety, but note Ellie's post about why it's unlikely that we'll get modern music.
Yup - I love the classical and it really does give me a minute of happiness between the picadilly line and stepping out into the cold wet night.
The music is controlled centrally so all stations with piped music are playing the same thing at the same time. TfL introduced it as a crowd/youth dispersal thing but now say they are rolling it out across the network because it makes everyone more relaxed.

Interesting Times article about it here:

The London Underground playlist:


It all has to be copyright free so you won't find anything modern!
....so if the idea is to keep us all calm how come many of the announcements on the platforms are too loud, too shrill, too bossy, extolling us to do the bleeding obvious before we've had chance to do it. There's a 'platform master' at Kings Cross who has a better method, he manages to diffuse tension by being very droll and low key, and he always raises a smile.
Friday 8.45 a.m. Manor House Station platforms were shut due to overcrowding with the upstairs area crammed and seething. Overhead the Tanoy was announcing repeatedly "Picadily Line- Good Service" , while an elderly gent, totally frustrated, was going absolutely spare shouting and gesticulating. A Station Master said to his colleague, " Piccadilly- Good Service? Seven trains have just been canceled and they call it a good service? We know its a load of old crock!"
I quite like the classical music as long as its quiet, though I would prefer silence or live music, but no amount of music can soothe the daily stresses of the underground at rush hour,
I think they stick to classical because you don't have to pay the composers to use classical music (the people having been dead for some time now) so it's cheaper to use than modern music and I understand that the only control the staff have is how loud to play it - it's a 40 hour loop of music.

I have to say, I love it. It's not on the trains, so you don't have to hear it for very long - probably about 30 seconds when I'm in *commuter speed* but it always makes me smile and relax my shoulders. Silence is great but not something I have ever found living in our area (or anywhere in a capital city)

I'd much rather hear classical music than tinny headphones... but that's a whole other post!
It's not actually copyright free in that, although Purcell may have been dead some time, the present-day musicians and recording companies who produce the recordings have rights. Something to be aware of if you use recorded music on videos, etc.
I'm told that classical music was chosen for Turnpike Lane and Wood Green tubes because it deters the gangs who used to hang around these, apparently it does (especially Palestrina).
It's official, classical music is not like by the young'ns. A Derbyshire school uses it to cut bad behaviour and detention.


Now some hardcore punk to disperse those unruly adults/parents!
I was thinking more of the Electro Hippies, Oi Polloi or Discharge. Good to see another punk fan on HOL : )
How long does anyone spend hanging out in the station?
Looks like it has calmed the youth and upset the middle aged!
With the horrible, vile smells coming from the cafe at the stairs of Turnpike Lane Tube, you wouldn' t want to hang around.



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