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Is there any way to get the music at Turnpike Lane tube station changed? If we have to have music playing does it have to always be classical? Why not some jazz, Indian classical, funk, Soca, just mix it up. But all western classical all the time; we're not Belsize Park.

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You got my vote, if you're going to ask them. Anyone know how to contact the station manage or the line manager? How about asking Matthew at the British Transport Police. Turnpike Lane is his patch.
They play classical music to calm people's nerves. Go to a disco if you want to hear something else or get yourself an iPod.
There is calm beyond classical J.
Not quite, John, they play classical music to stop the youth from congregating - classical music scrambles their brains and gives them "an 'eadache" (as one of my teenage pupils once complained when I put a little classical music on to create a 'learning environment' in my classroom) I think they started doing this in some underpass in Newcastle and the kids scattered instantly - less evil than that hi-pitched whine only teens can hear

I doubt that a disco (what a quaint term- conjuring up spotty faced youngsters, wallflowers and slowdancers) would play Indian Classical or even jazz.
Classical music is being used to oppress young people? OMG. Bring on the funk!
There you go, knew you'd see differently once you knew the real reason they play classical music in public places.
Liz - beware of mixing classical music with young thugs. Have you not read A Clockwork Orange?
Antony Burgess got that very wrong.

Classical music had many of my more challenging pupils begging for mercy and trying to substitute the tape (yes cassette tape) for Dr Dre when I wasn't looking. It was only a bit of Grieg or Bach; I wasn't assaulting them with Shostokovitch or Charles Ives.

In the end, we compromised with some Latin beats (I was a languages teacher) and a bit of Buena Vista Social Club :)
Calming peoples nerves was my guess for the motivation, but if so somehow that's been lost in translation. They seem to have a CD of stirring classics by the likes of Tchaikovsky and Wagner. I heard Flight of the Valkyries a few days ago - felt like launching a helicopter attach on the platform. I don't mind a bit of classical but something that is actually calming would be good.
I doubt that it's intended to calm people - you're not within earshot long enough for that. It's a hoodie deterrent.
Apparently the music is on a permanent loop.

George of London Underground (for whom music was one of his many responsibilities) has just retired and no one can find the key for music control room.
After a 45 minute schlep home on the tube I rather like ascending the escalator at Manor House to the strains of Mendelssohn et al. - it makes me smile again.



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