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I started this discussion on Opinion8 a few weeks back, about the wonderful fly daily fly tip outside the parade of shops on Weston Park, between Nelson and Inderwick Road.

Unfortunately that site is almost as dead as a Dodo, so I am moving the discussion over to HOL. I intend to keep posting and complaining to the council (have done so on a daily basis for nearly 3 weeks) until someone does something about this. I have some local councillors who are looking into this, but it's getting worse every day, and it needs dealing with NOW.

Any suggestions welcome.

This is from this morning, May 5th:

and here's yesterday's - May 4th:

It seems residents from the flats above the shops dump all their c**p here every night. That combined with Veolia's endless purple bags makes this a great spot for every dirty litterbug around, as well as a nightly feast for the local foxes, rats, mice and cockroaches. It's a health hazard, and someone needs to take some responsibility and fast. This can't go on.

Again, suggestions welcome. I have already tried complaining, reporting and getting a few local councillors involved. No real results. It is incredibly frustrating to say the least.

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Have you been in touch with your councillors? It's election time!!

I have. And have had very nice emails. They're trying. But no real action yet.

What a nightmare. One possibility is to tweet pictures to @VeoliaUK and to find out who to complain to directly in your area. Veolia are supposed to have "village managers" that monitor this sort of thing. While councillors do a valuable job, sometimes you just have to go directly to the top. Anecdotally, it seems there's an upsurge in complaints that these kinds of problems are not being tackled across the borough. 

Laura, I have, and I use it too. The problem is, they come and clean it up, and a few hours later it's back! Liz, I will tweet veolia, thanks for that tip - I knew you'd come in handy  on this! 

This is yesterday's - May 6th: 

You may have already contacted these people but here are the details of the Neighbourhood Action Teams - Tony Chapman is in charge of the West of the borough and your local officer is Kem Kamil. They really should be on to the people sticking their crap out at all hours. But that purple bags thing is a real problem. They are supposed to be collected within a few hours of the sweeper finishing, in practice this doesn't seem to happen.

Thanks Liz, will do!

Here's today's litter - Veolia have left bags containing food overnight. Very clever. 

Here is today's catch:

I've been in touch with Cllr Richard Wilson, who is trying to help. I'm copying his reply over from the previous discussion. It seems to me that the council are powerless to do anything about this, or is it that they can't be bothered? This is not just a problem local to Weston Park, it happens in a lot of locations where there are flats above shops, and no real place to dispose of rubbish. Bottom of Seymour Road is another example, if you need a local one to care.


From Councillor Richard Wilson:


This is an issue we've been raising on and off for years - and I got the Council to promise to monitor the area and speak to all the shopkeepers and residents in the flats above back in November.  But it seems to have got worse in recent months - and the pictures are shocking.

In the last few weeks Katherine Reece and I have been raising this problem with the Council on an almost daily basis. We now have got a response from the Council officer in charge of enforcement and monitoring Veolia's performance in our area, which I have pasted below.  It seems they are trying to take action - but I'm not sure it is having any effect yet.

The view I've consistently put to the council (including the Labour cabinet member in charge)  is that the system needs to change.  Residents need to be given strictly enforced times for putting their waste out - and Veolia need to give residents very specific times for when they will collect.

We will keep pushing the Council to sort out this mess and find a long-term solution.  I'll finish by quoting Haringey Labour's manifesto for this election which was published on Monday: "Our streets are now amongst the cleanest in London and residents satisfaction is at its highest ever level".  Enough said.

Kind regards,


Dear Councillor Reece and Councillor Wilson


Your enquiry about fly tipping on Weston Park, N8

Ref : LBH/2953614


Thank you for your enquiry. I have now had the opportunity to speak with my Veolia colleagues regarding this location and I can advise you accordingly.


Veolia collect domestic waste from this location twice daily, once in the morning and then again in the evening. The litter bin is also emptied daily.


We are aware this location appears to be attracting a large amount of waste which accumulates close to the bin and purple sweepers bags.  To try and alleviate this problem, we have asked Veolia to instruct the sweeper to place the sweeping bags further away from the main shops to discourage people from assuming that is the collection point for presenting waste. 


The Outreach Team have previously carried out some door knocking at this location to advise residents on the best way to recycle and present waste for collection. This was carried out some time ago and we are arranging for some follow up door knocking to be carried out as soon as the outreach team can organise this.


The NAT officer has also carried out Duty of Care checks on the businesses there to ensure trade waste is being disposed of in a responsible way. However, we will also continue to visit the location and check the area continues to improve in appearance.


I hope that you are satisfied with my response to your enquiry.  If you have any follow-up queries or need more information, please contact the Feedback and Information Governance Team in the first instance.


Yours sincerely,



Tony Chapman

Neighbourhood Action Team Leader (West)


Haringey Council

Technopark, 271 Ashley Road, Tottenham, N17 9LN

Here's the state of affairs from Sunday morning, May 11th. "Spoken to shops and residents" MY BACKSIDE!

Annette, how helpful is it to suggest that someone is lying about speaking to local traders and residents?  Do you think that mooning at them online - metaphorically of course - is going to get the best from staff in either the Waste Service or Veolia?   On the whole the staff - especially at the bottom of the pecking order - are doing what they are asked to do. 

Incidentally, Cllr Richard Wilson may be wrong about Claire Kober's claim that "our streets are now among the cleanest in London".  This may be literally true.  I simply don't know, because I've never been in the two roads in Muswell Hill where Claire Kober and Joe Goldberg live. Though it's a completely laughable claim to anyone living in my neighbourhood in Tottenham Hale.

But I don't notice Cllrs Richard Wilson and Katherine Reece coming up with anything fresh and new. "Residents need to be given strictly enforced times for putting their waste out - and Veolia need to give residents very specific times for when they will collect" .  Oh sure.  A statement of the obvious.  And something dozens of residents and councillors - including me - have often said before.

We know this problem occurs across the borough. Often with a common set of factors - a parade of shops with flats above, and no convenient space to locate waste containers. Or at least, not without acting as a "waste magnet" for dozens of people who then use the pavement collection as a free, handy alternative to their own bins; or paying for a commercial waste collection.

Up and down High Road Tottenham we have the problem multiplied.  So I suspect your problem will actually get solved.  Because there aren't many shops in this part of Weston Park.  And Labour see this as a target ward and have high hopes.  If I'm wrong and on 23 May and then 23 June it's just the same, I've a simple suggestion. Hire Liz Ixer to go there and do an ethnography of dumping and make practical recommendations.

In other words, there's a need to investigate the 'who', 'why', and 'what' of people's behaviour at this location. How and why does it or doesn't follow the waste systems in place?

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)



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