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I started this discussion on Opinion8 a few weeks back, about the wonderful fly daily fly tip outside the parade of shops on Weston Park, between Nelson and Inderwick Road.

Unfortunately that site is almost as dead as a Dodo, so I am moving the discussion over to HOL. I intend to keep posting and complaining to the council (have done so on a daily basis for nearly 3 weeks) until someone does something about this. I have some local councillors who are looking into this, but it's getting worse every day, and it needs dealing with NOW.

Any suggestions welcome.

This is from this morning, May 5th:

and here's yesterday's - May 4th:

It seems residents from the flats above the shops dump all their c**p here every night. That combined with Veolia's endless purple bags makes this a great spot for every dirty litterbug around, as well as a nightly feast for the local foxes, rats, mice and cockroaches. It's a health hazard, and someone needs to take some responsibility and fast. This can't go on.

Again, suggestions welcome. I have already tried complaining, reporting and getting a few local councillors involved. No real results. It is incredibly frustrating to say the least.

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The new "cabinet" councillor with the environment brief is Stuart McNamara. stuart.mcnamara@haringey.gov.uk  He very much does understand the pointlessness of endlessly clearing rubbish dumped day-after-day in the same spot. Even if some of the traders in the Weston Park shops may seem oblivious to the damage this is doing to their own businesses.

As well as Stuart,  you might also like to challenge your three new councillors to see what solutions they can come up with.  I've never met Natan Doron but he works for the Fabian Society and has published a piece called: "Putting the public into public services" which sounds promising. (Hopefully, in practice as well as in theory.)

As you probably noticed, two of your Green candidates Greta Sykes and David Norwood actually live at 34 and 7 Weston Park. So they might be interested in getting involved.

Here's another Natan Doron article. This one is: We need to talk about waste - actually about recycling. 

It seems from your photos, Anette, that if the traders and residents in Weston Park did a lot more recycling and a lot less dumping, the problem would significantly shrink.

Thanks Alan. I'm in touch with Tim Gallagher, one of the new ones, so let's see what he can do. Weirdly, my side of Weston Park is Stroud green, and across the road they're Crouch End. There is a similar problem there not as bad as on the SG side, but if have not got the time to deal with two sets of councillor on this.

I did get an email from Lynne Featherstone about the problem a few weeks back. That was essentially "this happens everywhere and we will have a think about what can be done now please go away" sort of reply, not very helpful. I'm giving the brand spanking new Cllr Gallagher a chance, hopefully he's a fan of action as well as words..

Anette, by all means wring out the old and ring-up the new.  I've never met Tim Gallagher and he may bring effective fresh thinking. 

But in your shoes I'd ask Tim to put Stuart McNamara in the loop. Stuart knows this stuff backwards and how Haringey's systems work.

Thanks Alan, I will do that!

That white armchair!  Upside down as well.  How are tired passers-by supposed to use it?  And the style!  You'd think people in Croosh Onde would at least show some taste when it came to leaving furniture in the street.

I really think Jessica has the right idea. But go beyond the Ladder, Anette, come join us in the Far East.

  Tea for two?

Please be seated


Nope Alan, not going East. Even if you do have better chairs, and they're the right way round. Mind you, there's lot of rain forecast for today, so it might just be a considerate soul keeping the seat dry for tomorrow..

We have a new bin. And I do wonder if people are STUPID. Pic from this morning, Wed Jun 11th. the bin is empty. 

Oh, and there is more. Avalon hairdressers on Weston Park left this little present for everyone. HAIR! And foil. Very nice. On the ground. Next to the bin. That's a local business I'll never use again. 

This is the 3rd local business who are clearly dumping here. 

I have seen (and photographed) a box full of rubbish from the local dry cleaners. Ditto re Weston Park Bakery, who's light fittings were seen hanging in the bakery, and then one dark night they were dumped in the usual spot. All 7 of them. Now hair from the hairdressers. 

The only two who seem to be innocent are the news agents and the solicitors. 3 out of 5 local businesses are blatantly fly-tipping. Who do I go to have these people prosecuted? 


Anette - can I just clarify one point. Are those purple bags the commercial waste bags or purple sweeper bags? It's been pointed out to me that both are purple - and are indicative of two different problems.

Interesting! I can now confirm that the purple bags are MAINLY from residents in the flats, they have nothing to do with Veolia. However, I have seen Veolia bags there too...
We have a new bin, a big dumpster. Initially the good residents of Weston Park were slightly too daft to understand that opening the lid of this not so shiny new thing and putting the rubbish inside was what they were expected to do.



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