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I started this discussion on Opinion8 a few weeks back, about the wonderful fly daily fly tip outside the parade of shops on Weston Park, between Nelson and Inderwick Road.

Unfortunately that site is almost as dead as a Dodo, so I am moving the discussion over to HOL. I intend to keep posting and complaining to the council (have done so on a daily basis for nearly 3 weeks) until someone does something about this. I have some local councillors who are looking into this, but it's getting worse every day, and it needs dealing with NOW.

Any suggestions welcome.

This is from this morning, May 5th:

and here's yesterday's - May 4th:

It seems residents from the flats above the shops dump all their c**p here every night. That combined with Veolia's endless purple bags makes this a great spot for every dirty litterbug around, as well as a nightly feast for the local foxes, rats, mice and cockroaches. It's a health hazard, and someone needs to take some responsibility and fast. This can't go on.

Again, suggestions welcome. I have already tried complaining, reporting and getting a few local councillors involved. No real results. It is incredibly frustrating to say the least.

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Hi Alan, I am not suggesting someone lying, I know they are - I happen to speak to my local shops when I'm I there, and no conversations about rubbish collections has taken place with them.
I am not seeing any real action being taken about this at all, just a "yeah, it happens everywhere so it's ok" attitude, which is not helpful. And yes, there is a definite need to investigate, that's the point I have been trying to make to Veolia and the council, but no one seems to want to deal with it. We shall see what happens later in May. The local paper is now interested as well, so l will speak to them next week.

I take your points, Anette. 

And would go a step further.  I think someone with no conflict of interest should now check with each one of the traders and residents along these two shop parades to see if any attempt was made to contact them.

Can I please suggest that you email directly to Nick Walkley the Chief Executive setting out what you've found out and asking him to arrange this.  nick.walkley@haringey.gov.uk

By the way,  I'm not challenging the involvement of local councillors.  But for sound reasons many people now disbelieve what most politicians say.  And this distrust is probably at its height in the middle of an election campaign.

Nor am I doubting the truthfulness of people you spoke to. But sometimes there's a reasonable explanation. (For example, I remember one meeting where a member of Haringey staff said she had consulted with a local firm. The firm's boss told her she had in fact talked to one of his employees. Telling the employee - not consulting - about a decision the Council had taken.)

There aren't many shops in Weston Park where you've photographed. And probably not many residents in the flats - though they may come and go.  An investigation shouldn't take long.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

Sound advice, thanks Alan, I will do that. 

One advantage of the Our Haringey App over traditional reporting via the Report-a-Problem page is that reports are stored online and you can see what is being reported by ward and what action was taken. If lots of people used it, that would be useful source of evidence about what big probs in wards might be.

Interestingly a few of my fly tip reports say 'Nothing Found' - is this because of 'unofficial clearance' of fly tips or that multiple reporting and no cross referencing from RaP is done? 


Re-report daily if necessary. Keep photos of trouble spots and email them to your councillor. Inform enforcement too. Keep a separate file in your email of all interactions over the spot. Do you have a residents association? if yes, are they aware of the problem and have they done anything to tackle the problem.

What is it about the spot that is so attractive to fly tippers? Sometimes its the presence of a a constant pile which makes people think that it is a 'legit' place to put rubbish (we have a spot near us like this) and so there should be stickers/posters making it clear that it isn't.

CCTV may act as a deterrent but only ultimately if there is some enforcement too. Can the problem be designed out? Constant dumping outside my house stopped with the addition of some big plastic planters and some flowers - is there a solution that could be discussed with the council to show that someone has taken 'ownership' of the spot (people often assume that no one 'cares' about a neglected spot) 

Finally, if you've done all that or its not practical, the CEO's email is above. Ask him to investigate what is going on to stop this fly tipping.

I've been a bit busy lately, so am a bit behind with photos. These have been tweeted to Veolia and the council daily though. Veolia keeps on cleaning up. No one seems to be interested in investigating the root cause here, and figure out how to prevent this. It's like no one cares. I wonder if that is true..

Here goes:

May 12th: 

May 14th: May 16th:

May 17th - this was a particularly good one:

May 19th:

May 20th was a bit tame, wonder if someone was away that week?

May 22nd was quite decent too:

But it was made up for on May 24th!! Oh boy!

It was so good - it deserves a 2nd photo:

May 28th was a little better:

And this morning, May 29th was the usual..

Here's this morning's little beauty: 

Tuesday June 3rd:

Wednesday June 4th:

Thursday June 5th - morning:

And that evening Weston Park Bakery - one of the local businesses decided this was a great place for their old light fittings:

Still there in the morning of the 6th - Friday. There were 7 of them, and the bakery now have 7 brand new lights in. Go figure...

And this morning, Saturday June 7th, we even have an arm chair. A horrible white arm chair. As well as the usual food rubbish from the black bin liner that was left there last night, and has now been ripped apart by foxes in the night. Again.

I have written to the Chief executive's office, and I have been promised a reply by July 3rd. We shall see what that brings.

In the meantime, Veolia has promised a bigger bin, to be in situ by this week-end. It's now Saturday, and it's not here. Shocker.. I am not sure a bigger bin is the solution, I think that will make the problem worse.

We also have a sign indicating there's CCTV in place. There's not. No reply from the Council about that - or a time-line for resolving this mess. And Labour are claiming the borough is cleaner? What an utter load rubbish!

Not a chance, Jessica!

It was not a trampoline, it was a bloody platform overlooking the garden. and a few other things.. just a few. Not a full, uninterrupted night's sleep for 9 years being a massive reason too.

Looks annoying, Anette. Whether it's Harringay or Crouch End a regular dumping spot is bloody annoying for locals.

It is. And what's even more frustrating is that the Council are seemingly doing exactly nothing about it. No plan. No time-line, and no action. It's pathetic. And Veolia are just cleaning it up - indicating it's ok to do this, as someone will always clean up. It's like encouraging a spoilt child. Not good.



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