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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I had a look at the londonist today and this was top of the pile.

I'd imagine its already been posted and discussed but.....


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Out of interest I just saw a 4-coach electric train of the Dalston braced type in service at Harringay Green Lanes @ around 3:30pm. It was the first electric passenger train I'd seen on the route.

Have they been use those since the diesels went back to the West Midlands?

There are now three of them, (yes 4-coach versus Dalston services have 5) working with the last three diesel sets. All diesels due off lease 15th March, leaving just those three electrics -- so 30-minute timetable intervals.....

BUT this lunchtime saw one of the new new trains in testing/familiarisation runs, the first time in daylight mixed in with the normal services though not carrying passengers.  

The BGORUG group's twitter feed    @RidingtheGoblin     is the go-to place for updates.

Software... oh boy....

A lot of progress made if they’re running the new trains mixed in with service trains on the Goblin itself - suggests whatever software was scuppered has since been resolved...



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