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TOMORROW (Monday) night the Council Regulatory Committee meets to consider the future of Wood Green.

The Council paper has the snappy title, Wood Green Investment Framework & Area Action Plan: Broad Options for Regulation 18 Consultation. Of the four options listed for Wood Green's future, the Council favours Option 4 (below):

  1. High Street Rejuvenation
  2. Residential Led Town Centre
  3. Comprehensive Redevelopment
  4. Complete Transformation*

* This option promotes a complete transformation of the town centre through significant interventions aimed at unlocking the development potential of the wider town centre area through radical changes in the layout of existing urban blocks. It promotes shifting the heart of the town centre further down High Road to benefit from a new Crossrail 2 station that will be located below a new public square in the vicinity of the current library, at the heart of the new town centre. Around this square taller buildings would be located while the depth of both sides of the High Road would expand to provide larger retail floorplates with greater potential for residential above. …

For those interested, more information can be found here.

Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party
Member of the Regulatory Committee

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As the ultimate decision on where the station sits will be down to whoever ends up funding the lions share. I can't imagine the commercial success of Wood Green will be that high on the list of priorities. Cost, speed and effectiveness (insofar as how well it connects to other transport) will be much more of a driver. Connecting at Alexandra Palace gives easy access to both the Hertford and Welwyn Garden City branches.
I think it's more complicated than that, I would imagine TFL can't do anything without the councils blessing. Hence the difficulties of building the garden bridge, enough houses for the nation or things like new airports,
Councils have very little say in transport infrastructure projects like this. The Sectretary of State will be the one giving the thumbs up (or down). If each of the local authorities Crossrail 2 passed through was the ultimate decision maker it would be a very interesting route indeed! I think Crossrail 2 is authorised by act of Parliament anyway.
Sorry, that should read "will be authorised by act of Parliament". The Crossrail Act of 2008 says

9 Extinguishment of rights of statutory undertakers etc.

(1)Sections 271 to 273 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (c. 8) (extinguishment of rights of statutory undertakers etc.) shall apply in relation to land held by the Secretary of State as being land which is required for or in connection with the works authorised by this Act as they apply in relation to land acquired or appropriated as mentioned in section 271(1) of that Act.

In other words, the company set up to deliver Crossrail is largely exempt from planning and other local authority permissions. In effect they can do what they like as long as the Secretary of State is happy. I would imagine the Crossrail 2 act will have a similar provision.

Yes; I think the new Mayor (after 5 May) may have a hand in the decision too. TfL need to work out what's best in the long run for London as a whole, rather than necessarily accede to what a local authority might want, taking a shorter, narrower view.

At the consultation in Turnpike Lane we asked what the decision for this part would be based on and the information person said it would be based on meeting housing needs . Hence presumably the quick and not yet available housing plans for WG. It makes it impossible in my view that the Wood Green option could be taken into account as they have not provided the new AAP. The Crossrail consultation taken on facts alone, during and at the end of the consultation, surely excludes the option for WG presented by the council without them also providing substantial elements for comparison??

Cost, speed and effectiveness (insofar as how well it connects to other transport) will be much more of a driver. Connecting at Alexandra Palace gives easy access to both the Hertford and Welwyn Garden City branches.

Maybe, but only seen from a N4 N8 N11 N22 point of view.

This branch of CR2 is in my opinion, not a good investment for London as a whole. (Set out by me on another thread). The choice of prime sites to plant stations is also being pushed to get as much profit as possible out of the developments. Local authorities see a new line/station as a way of getting higher value local development, at the price of having 7-10 years of building work disruption, as well as blight before work starts. 

Connect the CR2 Branch up to the Overground at Dalston and you'd have me on board. But I'm not the only one who thinks the present plan is a dog's dinner. Do you follow transport forums and the railway press?

I actually agree with you Stephen. The route seems the result of trying to please interests all along the proposed line. I think it would be very difficult to argue that our part of north London is poorly provided with public transport options. But if this is where they are determined to drive it through I think connecting effectively with the Hertford/Welwyn lines would be the best of a bad job. I personally would much rather see money spent on light rail/tram schemes that gave better access to places like Crouch End/Muswell Hill/all points north and improved south and east London transport.

better access to places like Crouch End/Muswell Hill/all points north

Unfortunately, Crouch End's Underground aspirations fell victim to post-war austerity. Shortsightedly, Haringey allowed building on both the Palace Gates Line from Seven Sisters, as well as on the Northern Heights Line. Both of which would be very heavily used today, if still in existence.

The Underground map would have looked very different. One from my collection - A 1940 Wallposter https://flic.kr/p/C49ks8 .

What a way to run a railway. http://www.londonreconnections.com/2016/queen-v-sos-dft/

Only added this Michael, as I'm not sure if you're aware of the site.

AN INTERESTING meeting that attracted much comment on the planning department's draft.

It was perhaps unwise of some hapless officer to write, "Wood Green could become the new Crouch End …" (in Option 2, p.52 of the big document).

A member of the Committee described this as "offensive" and the offending clause will be removed in the next draft of this ambitious paper that goes to Cabinet for approval (perhaps too soon, in my opinion). 

Presumably this was a Haringey committee and presumably Crouch End is part of Haringey. So why is comparing one part of Haringey to another " offensive ".  Is the member ashamed of Crouch End and if so, why ? Would he/she have been less offended if the document had said Wood Green could become the new Tottenham ?



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