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The Boundaries commission propose to abolish Hornsey and Wood Green constituency. It is to be merged with Friern Barnet. East of Green Lanes, Tottenham may merge with bits of Hackney

The report says the Labour Party have made representations eg about West Green, and agreed with the LibDems:

The Labour Party proposed swapping West Green and Harringay wards in their counter-proposal, and a similar approach was taken by the Liberal Democrats, who retained West Green ward in their Tottenham constituency and included Harringay ward in their Hornsey and Highgate constituency.

Older denizens and history buffs may recall the shotgun wedding of Hornsey with Wood Green Borough with Tottenham in the 60's - at that time, very different areas. Hornsey was largely residential; to the east, world-famous manufacturing companies were located in WG and Tottenham and along the Lea valley (see the historical sections of this site) - so it was very controversial. So there is an historical argument for this ...

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Yes this is obviously a ridiculous joining up of areas so very different and physically miles apart. What are these Assistant Commissioners playing at?

The review is largely driven by the requirement to standardise the numbers of electors in each constituency within (too?) tight limits, no more than 5% either way of the average:

"no smaller than 69,724 and no larger than 77,062". This was set by Parliament, not by the Commissioners. 

shame it wasn't all left alone  I blame councillor Gammons;



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