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The Boundaries commission propose to abolish Hornsey and Wood Green constituency. It is to be merged with Friern Barnet. East of Green Lanes, Tottenham may merge with bits of Hackney

The report says the Labour Party have made representations eg about West Green, and agreed with the LibDems:

The Labour Party proposed swapping West Green and Harringay wards in their counter-proposal, and a similar approach was taken by the Liberal Democrats, who retained West Green ward in their Tottenham constituency and included Harringay ward in their Hornsey and Highgate constituency.

Older denizens and history buffs may recall the shotgun wedding of Hornsey with Wood Green Borough with Tottenham in the 60's - at that time, very different areas. Hornsey was largely residential; to the east, world-famous manufacturing companies were located in WG and Tottenham and along the Lea valley (see the historical sections of this site) - so it was very controversial. So there is an historical argument for this ...

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William, 'he' might say what you think, but where do you obtain your supposed mandate to quote what 'us' think?

education is a wonderful thing;;

Well I agree with him

1) Harringay ward transfers OUT of Tottenham constituency into a revised Hornsey & Friern Barnet constituency, that's the local hot news. Commentary** from the report below.

2) It's about boundaries, not Catherine West, David Lammy or any sitting MP. Nevertheless within the hour it's being steered that way.....  

If posters disagree with sitting local MPs' views that is a separate issue. And, I suggest, a separate post. 

Thank you Straw Cat for spotting this report.

** "While acknowledging that Harringay ward is situated on the other
side of the East Coast Main Line railway to the Hornsey wards, the Assistant
Commissioners noted the evidence provided on community ties between
Harringay and Hornsey, as well as those counter-proposals from the Liberal
Democrats and others that joined Harringay ward with the Hornsey area".

Thanks for this. I note that the revised proposals rejoin the more than 50% of the Ladder that used to be Hornsey, with that constituency, but they split Harringay between Tottenham & Hornsey at Green Lanes. Here are the key parts for Harringay. 

Anyone know any more about Bounds Green ward?

Discussion of the reasons on Wood Green, including Bound green, below.

I hadn't realized Piccadilly Line culture was a Thing! Art Deco Rules ...

Many thanks Gordon

I found the maps section on the BCE website and have made a reduced size pdf with the three maps including Haringey wards, attached blow. You can get the full fat versions on the BCE pdf here.

PDF | Haringey Constituencies Maps (Extracted & optmised by HoL)

Thanks Hugh, makes one realise how long and thin Southgate & Wood Green is - from Turnpike Lane to the M25. 

Amateur psephologist at work, wondering if the boundary changes will make a difference to outcomes in the next general election.

Tottenham I can't see becoming a marginal seat, ever.

Southgate & Wood Green incorporates much of Enfield Southgate, a Labour seat since 2017. 

Hornsey & Friern Barnet  - Friern Barnet from Chipping Barnet, a marginal Conservative seat in 2017 and 2019. Probably Labour then, unless the Lib Dems roar back...

Incredible. In Turnpike Lane you are basically living in the inner city. At the top end of this map you are really in the countryside, in the Green Belt, with farms dotted around you.



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