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I just noticed that The Beaconsfield pub is now closed until further notice for what looks like quite a big refurbishment. Does anyone know what the plans are? Improving the drinks would be good but am hoping they leave the period features intact. 

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Agreed. I rarely go in, but when I did I was amazed at quite how much original stuff is still there.

The black boy had a similar feel before it was stripped out. I really hope they do the beaconsfield justice.  What happened at the black boy was tragic and unfortunately I can't see it ever being restored. West green could have had a very different present if someone of vision and incredibly deep pockets had snapped it up.

The beaconsfield would have been rammed when it was opposite the stadium and market. It was a relatively busy old place back in the late 90s and will be again, I'm sure,  when the sainsburys site is developed. So! I'm hoping they're thinking of the future.

A pub with Good food,drink,company and a great environment. What's not to like.

Also be good if they make disabled/ramp entrance too?


But why the dark green ceiling?! And that carpet! Makes the place soooo dark & uninviting but, suppose bats have to drink somewhere :) A refurb is well overdue.

According to my dad, who’s in his 70s, pub ceilings were painted dark colours to cover up the nicotine stains from the smoke.   It was the first thing he commented on when I took him in the Beaconsfield for a quick pint!

I nip in the Beaconsfield fairly regularly as I just live round the corner.  It’s got so much potential but it has felt like it’s being run into the ground recently, so nice to see a bit of investment going in.   

Makes sense re the ceiling Ian. With the Salisbury's ceiling they went with/stayed with white on their refurb 13/14 years ago. Helps reflect the light around a bit. Hope the Beaconfield refurb goes well. You never know, on the beer side of things they might even get rid of Fosters  Thought people gave up drinking that Aussie rubbish years ago.

A wee update; passing by the pub the other day noticed that green ceiling is indeed being painted cream. The outdoor woodwork in dark grey, although they've not bothered to sand down the old paint work so looks a bit shabby. Looks like a fairly low cost 'refurb'.

I hope they do a good job retaining rge original features but from experience I fear the worst as you are dealing with a lot  of ignorant people who have no appreciation for heritage, that includes Haringey Council, witness what happened to the queens head and botany bay. 

People around Harringay Wood Green in general have less money than Crouch End and Hampstead but spend an enormous amount destroying their houses, removing original features, fitting PVC windows, brick cladding, pebbledashing removing stain glass features, replacing solid hardwood doors painting their redbrickwork red and the pointing black, in one case pink and orange removing marble fireplaces.  In Crouch End and Hampstead they just maintain their original features a repair here and there as necessary.

Mind you these are small issues compared to the folly of Brexit and HS2. 

This this this!!

They've got a planning application for some new signage -




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