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Just seen the banner and my opinion is that its pretty damn crap.


You still see much of the shoddy paintwork on the bridge.

The banner is all wrinkled.

The overall design is so crap. 

I could go on but I'll give everyone else chance instead.

Oh well. 

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Did you hate it so much you couldn't even bring yourself to take a pic?


I did not want to dirty my camera with its image. it is that bad.  Its about as creative as a urinal block.my eyes have not stopped bleeding. really it is a health risk and need to be torn down. Think of the children! won't somebody think of the children!

Here's the north side:

Doesn't it seem a little odd that the 'welcome to' message will only be appearing to those about to enter the final stretch of Green Lanes? Seems an odd decision to place it on the North side IMHO.

That's the "Thank you for visiting" sign. There'll be another one on the other side.


Funny how all the sneaky stuff gets done early on a Sunday morning around here.

Quite right. Where was the fanfare, press and politicians like the last time? 


Any Councillors around to explain this act of corporate vandalism?


Come on councillors speak up now.

Yep it's dreadful. Would be better bannerless with a fresh coat of paint to clean it up
Looks like it shrunk in the wash!
I prefer it smaller. Hope they haven't got more bits to add.

Here's the bannerless south side. Even scruffy it looks better to me. No idea if this is permanent.




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