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A thread was started a couple of days ago which was essentially a local book of condolence fro Prince Phillip.

Some comments offered a dissenting view.

Whilst Hol Admin has no issue with dissenting views, perhaps the 'book of condolence' is not the place. So those comments have been moved below (with some exceptions, at the request of the author/s).

People are welcome to offer moderately expressed dissenting views, but please add them here and not on the condolence thread.

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Reply by Philip
Hmm. Someone who hated democracy. A racist of record. Lived a life of leisure at our expense. The royal family's ancestors stole the wealth of the land from ours and still have it.

Reply by James H.

Reply by John D
There's always one.

Reply by adamvietnam
Make that three

Reply by Devon Williams
The lefty extremists eh! Couldn't resist using a time of national mourning to spout their hate-filled bile. No matter how many of their ilk pile onto this thread they will only ever be a small minority. We are better than them!

Reply by Old-Age-Emporium(OAE)
Yes Devon - but with three big sisters in the Nazi Party, Brownshirt & SS brothers-in-law, and a nephew christened Karl Adolf after the "charming Fuhrer", maybe Phil felt that the family were already doing their bit for the national socialist cause.

Reply by Devon Williams
And yet he still chose us over them!

Reply by James H.
As we have been reminded more times than I care to remember over the past few days, the late Duke did join the Royal Navy and see action in the Mediterranean during the Second World War, for which he was mentioned in despatches.

Reply by James H.
I'm not sure what your point is here, although your parents clearly did their bit (and then some) for the war effort.

Fascinating that people choose to make personal attacks on me rather than reference the points I raise. The North Korean style hagiography should worry everyone concerned with accountable democracy. The current government has been placing even more supporters in positions of influence to weaponise the Royal Family in support of its flag waving xenophobia. This to distract from the disaster of a hard brexit and 150,000 dead from coronavirus. 

I agree. And the volcanic eruption on the island of St Vincent is yet another cynical distraction from the disaster of a hard Brexit and coronavirus death toll as well. 

Probably because you made personal and inaccurate attacks on Prince Phillip.

These kinds of remarks are not doing Labour any favours.

Are you posting these views in a private capacity or as a member of the Enfield and Southgate branch of the Labour Party?

All I can say is “ I have lived 75 year of knowing Prince Phillip “ and in all that time he has been a Gentleman and a Extremely kind Human Being. Always showing empathy wherever he met it and at all times. So “ Good Bye My Dear Friend,”  may you Rest In Peace. You will sadly be missed by Millions of people all over the World.  Eddie from Aussie 

The one-l Philip was a Greek;

This two-ll Phillip's more a freak;

This thread is more a tempting filip

To find a royal three-lll Philllip.

[apologies to Ogden Nash's Lama/Llama]

Indeed. Mea culpa but I must have been looking at the title of this thread.

Mocking's catching! I see I've managed to spell 'fillip' with one l rather than two.

Dissenting views?  What does that mean?  If I had a 'view' of someone not yet cold in his grave, I should keep it to myself.   If you like giving two fingers to respect and tradition, at least have a little human decency. 



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