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That sound check is insane. The Arctic Monkeys are so rubbish. 3 days of it!

Is it just the direction of the wind or is that significantly louder than the Stone Roses?

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Is that what I am hearing all the way up at Stanmore Road?!?!?!  

I'm on Stanmore too. I went out on the street to see which neighbour it was.
We used to be able to hear the crowd at Arsenal, so I wrote a letter and they moved it. :)


Extremely loud - I wonder who to complain to as I can't stand the thought of three days of this noise.


Got it -

Community Information hotline for the Arctic Monkeys Concerts?

0208489 8232.

And they answered out of office hours, so if you're already fed up, please call.

aw, couldn't you have waited until after 'bet u look good on the dancefloor'?

I think Mayor Sheila Peacock is doing the round of the polling stations. Tie her to the Finsbury Park fence for an hour

I'm not a councillor, unless everyone voted for me, but this may help

Harringay noise control
On line:


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm, Tel 020 8489 1000

Outside Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 5pm - 9am, Tel 020 8489 0000
Weekends, Friday 5pm to Monday 9am, Tel 020 8489 0000
They sadly no longer offer a 24 hour response service :(

Thanks Matthew - have just complained on-line.

I would encourage everyone who feels that this level of disturbance is unacceptable to do the same



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