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New documents released through FOI request.

Incredible! - while life saving services are being cut to the bone, someone spent time and money drawing up plans on how to use the new logo, including how to change the positioning and colour dependent on whether good or bad news is being conveyed! (see p8-10). 

And this !! "The icon represents an abbreviated version of the logo.Short, concise and recognisable, it can be used in playful ways,acting as a stamp for the Haringey brand. See the gallery for executions"

Whose head on the block next?

What an incredible waste of our money. Who drew all that up and why was it seen as a priority at a time when so many vicious cuts were/are being made?

A sign of a Council that is out of touch with the reality of life for most of its residents, and one where those making the decisions spend too much time in the company of people who have more money than sense and more greed than empathy.

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Every large organisation has logo guidelines and if they didn't they would get internally and possibly externally criticised for it.

It's not news.

If you want to enjoy the living standards of one of the richest nations in the world, with great free health care, very long life expectancy and great employment prospects, it helps to remain presentable.

The last 50 years has seen the people in this city enjoy riches never known in the history of all mankind and still people winge because they may have had a slightly better ride 10 years ago than they do now.

Check your privilege.
I agree - it's not news. Why wouldn't you have guidelines on the use of a logo. I can't say I was keen on the new logo originally but now when I see the old one I can see how crappy and old-fashioned it was.
I suppose the question is, at times of austerity and serious prioritisation does it matter if the logo was old fashioned? They may need to run themselves more like a business now, but they're not; no-one is going to stop using Harringay's public services because the logo is old. I've got one of the 1980s ones at the end of my street and my world has not fallen in. Someone being assessed as fit to work when they're terminally ill, or an abused child slipping through the social service net, is something else entirely.

Just because you're doing ok, don't assume everyone else is.  What about the elderly / disabled and their families who used to make use of the Haringey services that have now been closed down?  What about the increasing numbers of people now sleeping rough locally - or have you been too busy enjoying your life to notice.  Maybe it's you who should check your privilege. 

It's valid to criticise the decision to waste money on vanity projects, certainly at a time like this when things are so bad.

Drug tourists love London because it offers more hope and tolerance and good drugs and eventually a free hostel than most places on planet earth. The disabled enjoy the magic of technology to support them being more able than disabled people of the past could only dream about. The elderly have never before been able to access the medication and surgery available to them as they do right now. They all tend to live longer than ever before. We provide a massive quantity of financial benefits to many vulnerable people and have a huge array of services available ( voluntary and statutory) for people that need help. In relation to a hundred years ago or elsewhere on the planet we are light years ahead of ourselves and most others countries,

Our disabled are less disabled than disabled people have ever been. Our poor have more life chances than they ever did to not end up like they do. Our drug users are mothered better than they ever have been.

I appreciate that there have been benefit changes very recently and that has made some people who refuse to work or unable to work less well off and I appreciate that many genuinely mentally unwell people have suffered because of this. However you must also appreciate that our benefits system caused many of the those mentally unwell people in the first place by offering a refuge for them to rot on benefits to the point where they became institutionalised into doing nothing.

If anyone knows anything about this subject its me, I work with the most vulnerable every day. The mentally unwell, drug users, offenders etc and from twelve long years on the front line I can tell you nothing has been more detrimental on their welfare than welfare benefits encouraging them to do nothing with their life and eating away at their emotional needs as they enjoy no feeling of being valued for their work, or feeling of being part of a team, or able to form relationships because you can't form one with a television and never being stretched or having a meaning in your life.

The welfare benefits as we knew them were revolutionary . When they came in they stopped the need for criminality over night, That was great for everyone else. Sadly providing free money to humans and asking nothing from them apart from to appear to be looking for a job never benefited the people receiving them. We created a small army of emotionally broken people. It needed to change.

In the Second World War in Germany there was a big castle where German prisoners of war were kept. One day a British officer asked the escape committee to hear his new plan. It was to act like he was mentally ill In order to get a sick note home from the Germans and be sent back to Britain. The escape committee refused. It wasn't a deemed honourable. The British prisoner carried on with his plan with no backing from the committee and proceeded to fein sickness for three years. When he got his sick note home for the nazi's, he never recovered. He had made himself sick.
Guidelines for using logos are common to organisations.. I did a Google search for "council logo guide" and lots popped up. The link below is to the one for Medway.
If they are going to have a new logo (which by the way I don't think they need) they may as well use it in a consistent way!
In the interest of political balance, Conservative Wandsworth Council employ staff to protect and promote their corporate branding (scroll down to Policy and Corporate Communications)

LibDem controlled Merton have their own branding guidelines

New logos and guidelines on how to use them may be common but that doesn't make it ok.

I agree that sadly the idiocy spreads wider than one political party!

I agree. I just didn't want you to think it was a disease unique to a Haringey! Local authorities are being encouraged to act more and more like businesses so I suppose this is an inevitable outcome of that.




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