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Thames Water make point that New River path really completely closed

Earlier this week someone 'unofficially' reopened the Hampden end of the closed New River path. This morning Thames Water workers arrived to fully seal it off.

Dick Harris who spoke with the workmen told me that when asked, they had no idea when the path would be re-opened.

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I think the whole thing is a bit excessive TBH, I think anyone who is physically able to navigate the gates at either end will be able to sensible walk around the barriers. FFS!

On the one hand, it does seem barmy for the police and the water company to worry about people falling into an enlarged river when the whole length of the path has always been along an open river. On top of that the new hole is fenced off. However, the hole is admittedly getting bigger, as of last week (see my second set of photos attached to a response to the main thread here). So, it may have been categorised as dangerous for that reason. I  can see that Thames Water might be keen to avoid any exposure to liability or bad publicity that any accident might entail. I imagine that they might have a particular concern about kids getting into trouble. I see less concern about getting a local amenity back into use and that's a big pity.

I spoke to the police about this yesterday and they actually had nothing to do with the closure, and the police tape wasn’t them! I asked them to chase up about the re-opening of it too.

Thanks. Yes, I did wonder whether the police would really have had the time or interest to be involved with what is essentially a matter for a private company.

Whoever got hold of the police tape used it freely. Ii was tied across the path in 6 or 8 places at this end and two or three at the other. I guess it was the first indication that Thames Water really did want to restrict access. 

Ground can give way unexpectedly if the errosion is beyond what can be seen.  In nature wild animals sence danger and will avoid unsafe ground unless they are frightened or startled by dogs or humans. 

Well done Thames Water for putting human and domestic pet safety first. 

From the publics perspective Thames Water can't win - if Thams Water protect the public with prevention barriers or if they did nothing expecting the public to have common sense they will be critised either way.  Sadly may people in Towns have little understanding of nature, how under ground sink holes evolve or how water errosion under the gound can be dangerous.  It's not hard to imagine a curious child wandering up to the edge of the collapse to look at what is happening underneath.   

Until a full investigation is completed as to the extent of the underground damage and solutions emerge taking necessary precautions is obvious.  You can not reverse the death of a child, adult or pet.  Better to do a full structural investigation and provide a lasting solution.  Again well done to Thames Water for responding.



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