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Trudy and I spent a couple of nights in Orford, Suffolk.  It's a favourite stamping ground and close to where we each grew up.  During a walk along the river Alde we came across this handsome vessel riding at anchor where the river divides around Havergate island (Google maps 52.079717, 1.535350).

Orford is a lovely little place.  It has Pinney's shop where the products of their own smoke house are sold. The unpretentious Oysterage restaurant where excellent seafood is to be had.  Henry II's beautiful castle (currently covered in scaffolding - maybe replacing some ancient cladding) and the Crown & Castle which is a fine restaurant with comfortable rooms.  From the quay, it is possible to get ferried over to Orfordness (only by arrangement with the National Trust) to walk around the previously out-of-bounds mysterious military installations.

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barge flying ukraine flag. thanks for the photos.

Many years ago, I spent two weekends helping crew a Thames barge that was then owned by the company a friend worked for, including participation in a race around the Thames estuary. We were first over the start line but not the finish line, because our barge was a relatively late model (1926) with a steel hull, and the earlier all-wooden craft were faster. It was a wonderful experience to be in a flotilla of beautiful boats and on a vessel that seemed like a living being, with creaking timbers and flapping sails, which also seemed much larger that I’d have guessed (about 100ft long and with a similar mast height, I think I remember).

I’d also second Orford as a place to visit, for all the reasons given — especially the seafood. It’s a lovely part of the country.



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