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Hi - does anyone know if it's possible to get a rolling refund on extra travel expenses incurred due to the (clearly going to be) long-term part-suspension of the GOBLIN line? My journey to work from Harringay to Ilford (which I was able to do via Harringay Green Lanes to Wanstead Park) is now taking me through zone 2, costing me an extra £7 a week. I have attempted to get a refund online but their form is too rigid, and only deals with delays on a specific day, not an ongoing problem like this.

I have tried calling TFL on numerous occasions but always at the moment of being put through to a real person, the line gets cut off. If anyone else is experiencing similar problems getting to work due to the closure of the line between South Tottenham and Barking, I'd be interested to know if you've got any advice about compensation. The line is clearly not going to be fixed any time soon.



(as an aside, the 'rail replacement' service put on by TFL to compensate for the part closure of the GOBLIN only starts from Walthamstow Central - which still leaves you having to get to Walthamstow!)

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Emma, information from the Chair of the Barking-Gospel Oak Rail User Group (BGORUG) is:

"We've asked TfL to reinstate the previous arrangements, backdated. Reply awaited."

The previous arrangements, using the online complaints form, are described on page 2 of this Feb 2018 newsletter:


Hope this helps.

Thanks so much Gordon. I’ll check it out. 

The expected journey is for you to go to South Tottenham, then over to Seven Sisters for the Vic to Walthamstow, then onward by bus.

Not a massively appealing journey, especially in rush hour.

I travel to Barking for work. With no handy Goblin, I've tried various other routes, all long, all go through zone 1 and cost way more. I've been wondering about 41 bus to Tottenham Hale then train to Stratford, then tube to Barking. Any thoughts anyone?

In response to the last two replies, the “rail replacement” isn’t really viable, especially as my end destination is actually Ilford. Im merely using Wanstead park as a transfer station onto the Liverpool St to Shenfield line. As you both point out, the proposed route from tfl is a right faff and takes so much longer. I think, having spoken to tfl (who were unable to help and seemed equally stumped p et the question of compensation) that the best (although by no means the easiest) option is to keep track of all your journeys via your tfl account and claim back a refund once the line is up and running again. As things stand at the moment, that’s what I planning to do. 

thanks for all your ideas though! Really helpful. 



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