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Anyone know anywhere that will take textiles to be recycled? I have a lot of old linen, bedding, etc as well as some clothes that are too knackered for the charity shop. I think there used to be more bins for these sorts of items pre-covid but they have now either been removed by the council or are permanently overflowing. 

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If you clearly label bag as cotton for rags the charity shops can recycle them (or so I understand) Theres a big container at the Wood Green recycling centre for recycling textiles (goes to British Heart Foundation)

Just FYI - went to the Wood Green Recycling Centre last week - they don't accept any kind of bedding or towels. Just clothes.

I was thinking the same, the one on west green road/green lanes has been removed. I noticed one on Philip lane the other day. It was outside a shop, somewhere between the Palm & Sushi heads but on the other side of the road.

The textile recycling bank on Philip Lane is outside the launderette (corner of Handsworth Road)

The Marie Curie on Green Lanes takes things for recycling. For most donations you need to make an appointment now to take them in but not sure about things for recycling. 

I took them to H&M Woodgreen and received £5 off voucher! They have a large collection box at the till downstairs(womens). They are happy to take any fabric for recycling. As for the shoes recycling, take old pairs to Schuh and they also give you £5 off voucher per pair whatever the condition they are. I took both bags last week and received vouchers.

Try Traid - the clothing bin at Wood Green recycling Center is full. And unfortunately, most of it gets dumped in landfill anyway from large collection bins the man at the recycling Center told me

Understood all none recyclables goes to incinerator for Energy 

I think the two clothes recycling banks outside the Hornsey Gate entrance to Finsbury Park (on Endymion Rd) are still there - they were the last time I went past a week or so ago, anyway.



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