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About 6 or 7 vans, loads of police piled out and marched to the Kurdish centre. No idea what's going on, can hear chanting.

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Do you mean vs the balanced unbiased mainstream media, or are you just saying that we should all be wary of any media be it small scale of mainstream ?

I mean you need to assess the bias of any source but in this specific case I'm simply pointing out that its particularly unlikely that an openly Anarchist organisation would report objectively about police activities. 

I'm sure we're all quite capable of parsing media sources. Thanks though.

Funnily enough, I saw footage earlier on Sunday of the police having "shame on you" chanted at them... it was when your man Tommy was being dragged away from the antisemitism march.

I'm not sure of Ruth's ethnicity, but a large police presence is not synonymous with safety for a significant part of the community.

I think perceptions of young Mr Robinson are changing. They way things are going he'll be on that celebrity in the jungle show next year.

And puffft...Like an panto Aladdin's genie the Mahoney pops up trying to normalise the likes of Tommy Robinson

It's always nice to hear from a fan and referring to me as the definitive article above all the other well qualified Mahoneys is a new honour indeed.

So just to clarify, you actually are trying to normalise Tommy Robinson

And believe me I'm no fan of this site's resident bigot - just calling out reprehensible behaviour whenever I see it

Since the premise of two of your posts is that you are the arbiter of who or what is a "normal" person, kindly tell us what attributes constitute such a person.

You should have no problem doing this because you already have named someone who isn't "normal" in your view.

Well someone who doesn't try to normalise Tommy Robinson is possibly a good starting point

Maybe you're a fanboi of little Tommy? Do tell, don't be shy

I think you're reading too much into my comment Meneer Bosch.

2 plus 2 don't usually come to 27.92 but of course I respect your decision to arrive at whichever conclusion helps you climb the slippery pole.of social policing.

It's not me making a statement of possible mainstream acceptance of professional rabble rouser Tommy Robinson

The large police presence yesterday I can assure you didn't induce a sense of safety or protection. It felt threatening for those in the area. I think no matter what your ethnicity, having these vans come wailing down the street with lots of police piling out with no idea why would feel threatening. 



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