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i was in Finsbury Park at lunchtime when I saw the air ambulance land in the baseball pitch. (Very convenient place by the accident) Bicycle mashed to bits under the wheels of a massive lorry. Thankfully the cyclist was alive, and a big guy which might have helped. Hopefully not too severe injures, but who knows

Come on cyclists. This shouldn’t still be happening. There is so much information out there, telling you not to cycle up the inside of a lorry at a big junction, And if you do, make use you have plenty of room to jump on the pavement if the lorry suddenly turns left. As you can guarantee, whenever you are on the inside of a lorry, the driver can’t see you

Anyone not confident taking their space in the road, go on cycle training, which gives you the confidence. You should be out in the traffic as they teach you, so this can’t happen. Yes drivers sometimes don’t like it, and there has been discussions here about it. But this is why we are taught to do it

stay safe people

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This reads like an audition for a talk radio host. Light on fact, rich with assumption and opinion.

no, you’re right. it’s DEFINITELY the fault of the cyclist.

Seriously Will, I mean did you see it. I’m speaking as a keen cyclist for the last 35 years commuting around london

actually I imagine it was the fault of the lorry driver, whom hadn’t seen the cyclist on his inside, probably wasn’t indicating

but unfortunately the cyclists are the ones who die in these situations, whilst the lorry driver walks away a little bit shaken

So my advice was about how to keep cyclists injury free, and alive, and to expect the unexpected  Yes this cyclist could get a big pay out from the Thames water lorry.thats of course assuming the cyclist survives. But not much consolation on his sick bed I think. Of all the cyclists killed on London roads every year, accidents like this are mostly the culprits

so my post was about cyclists making sure to avoid these totally avoidable situations. And assume all lorry drivers can’t see you, and most car drivers probably haven’t seen you. I find this keeps me safe and upright on my bike

rant over

really hope he is ok

Exactly, technology can give lorry drivers the ability to see what is otherwise a blind spot - but until the companies are willing to spend money to save lives us cyclists have to take special extra efforts to look after our own safety. If a lorry is at a junction I stay behind it, even if there's a filter lane for cyclists and a cycle box at the junction. I just don't trust them. And if a lorry pulls up alongside me at a junction, I am not staying there unless I know that the driver has definitely seen me.


I'm sure you saw this accident. But it must have been a really massive lorry and a very long bicycle if you saw it happen at the corner of Wightman Road / Green Lanes. Check the location. Possibly Endymion Road played a part in the smash?

Hysterical, thanks for making me chuckle OAE. 

No wonder I get lost so easily. Yes I meant Endymion road. Doh

Was the lorry turning into Wightman? Assume the lorry was an HGV from your description?

Curious to understand the dynamics because if the lorry was attempting to enter Wightman  and it was using it as a rat run and did not have business anywhere on the ladder it should not have been going in that direction to start with.

As a cyclist I get your point about coming up the inside of a vehicle, but I have had several occasions where I have been at lights and trucks have come along side me from behind and then cut me up! I have found myself on the inside of a vehicle by default.

Just to be clear, the incident was at the corner between Green Lanes and Endymion Road.

There is an image of the lorry and bicycle in this tweet:


This is a dangerous junction for cyclists (and pedestrians).

We now have a very short length of semi-separated cycle lane in the road to the South of this junction (up to the New River) and Hackney are currently building lanes along their portion of Green Lanes, starting in the Clissold Park area. Something needs to be done about the junctions ASAP.

Justin you are totally right, but you are still here, yes it happens often, we get cut up going along. And yes I too have unwittingly ended up on the inside of a lorry. But I’m sure like you, I’m well aware of it, and  been vigilant. I have also been run off the road by lorries where I have had to do emergency stops and jump on the pavement to get clear. And I’ve also been knocked off a couple of times over the years, by cars speeding past me, and then doing quick left hand turns across me

Maybe I got this wrong, but but so many cyclists aren’t in the correct lane. If you are going straight up green lanes towards the ale, then a cyclist needs to be out in the traffic going straight and not in the left hand lane. I watched what I do automatically when I come to that junction. I’m in the middle of the road so cars,  etc turning left are to my left, and I also do a quick check right to make sure, nosneaky vehicles trying to turn left across me

no we shouldn’t have to take our lives in our hands with lorry drivers. And in the ideal world, it would great if there were proper cycle lanes everywhere and no lorries. But we are a long way from that. 

I guess I’ve cycled daily for so so many years, and so I’m more aware. although I’m sure I haven’t had my last accident, but it’s just so sad when I see so many cyclists hugging the left hand side of the road coming up the inside of lorries at junctions, 

Sorry guess I’m just upset, as it was horrible to see

The left hand lane northbound is clearly marked as being for traffic going either left or straight ahead. However, the position of the bus stops means that a driver wishing to turn left into Endymion Road will often be in the right hand lane shortly before the junction.

Worth noting that Haringey Council has, in its Walking and Cycling Action Plan, identified this intersection as the single most dangerous for cyclists in the entire borough. 

Tigha I was passing  there too with my bike but I was so terrified I just had a short glimpse and couldn't face the details. I'm still extremely shaken and really need to know if the cyclist is alive please. Do you know more?



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