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Hi all!

I was wondering if anyone knew what this tanker(?) was doing on the Woodberry Grove estate near the New River and - more importantly - had any idea when it was going to go away?!

They're been there for the last couple of days (until 10pm-ish last night) doing *something*, and the constant humming noise is driving me to distraction, especially as I have tinnitus! I've had to close my windows and turn my fan on and I can still hear it.

Was hoping someone could shed some light on what it is they're actually doing and when they might be going away.

Thanks in advance!

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That looks like it could be emptying a septic tank...

Why don't you go and ask them ?

I'm not able to get out atm due to health issues, and don't have access to the garden (though they probably wouldn't be able to hear me shout across the river even if I did *lol*) 

I live over the river from you. The sewage system that supports my building and a couple of others on the Woodberry Down estate keeps getting blocked and overflowing. Unfortunately some residents seem to think it’s ok to flush nappies etc down the toilet so this is a recurring issue. Apparently they are doing a full unblocking at the moment and it’s not pleasant - windows closed again tonight - and pretty sure my service charge will be taking a hit for this even though I would never do such an idiotic thing 



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