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I hope I am not worrying unnecessarily, but an incident occurred around 2.23pm today which has left me feeling uneasy. 

A man rang my doorbell saying he had a chest of drawers to be delivered to my home. He drove a large, grey van, which was parked on the opposite side of my house. I spoke to him from my upstairs window and told him it was not for me. He said he was certain he had the correct door number, but would go to his van to check the paperwork. He then jumped into his van and sped away. This made me suspicious, because if it was a genuine error and he was a legitimate delivery Driver, he would have returned and explained the mix-up. I have his description, but was unable to see his license number. There was no Company name / logo on the van, nor did he mention my name as the possible recipient.

I wondered if he was surprised that I was at home and what would have happened, if I had not responded to the doorbell. I also want to know why my home was chosen and should I be worried about going out. I was burgled in 2001 and still feel traumatised about it, despite having an alarm system installed.

I wanted to call 101, but wasn't sure if anything would be done or if they would think I was wasting their time, because no crime occurred. I am aware how overstretched they are at the moment, due to the demonstrations in Central London.

I hope by posting in this forum others would be on the alert, in case his intent was criminal minded and he attempts it again.

Are there any suggestions of how I can  warn others outside of this Group?

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I can understand your concern. It may or may not be something to be worried about. If it's any reassurance, a couple of days back, I had a guy knock at my door with a bed delivery. He was quite insistent that mine was the right address. Eventually, his colleague rechecked the paperwork in the van and realised that the correct address was three doors down - and that made sense because I know it's a rental house that they're currently refurbing and refurnishing. I think they'd mixed up the number of the house for the next delivery with the street of the current one.

Having sorted themselves out, they then went to the correct house. They too were driving an unmarked van.

So your guy may have been perfectly harmless. Perhaps he got back in the van, rechecked the paperwork realised his mistake and sped off to make up time. He may have just been rude than bearing criminal intent. You could report the incident to 101 for information purposes. But, as you say, there's little to go on, so an investigation would be unlikely. 

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Home delivery drivers are exceptionally busy these days and that could explain why they sped away. I had some large items delivered also some months ago and once dropped off the drivers drove out like a bat out of hell. 

Honestly, I really think you have nothing to worry about. All deliveries to us lately have been of the drop it at the door and run kind - rarely even a name-check. There's no way a driver would go to and fro to check details if you've been clear it's not a delivery for you, they're just under far too much time pressure. We've had people delivering from cars, un-marked vans - pretty much everything as most companies try and keep up with truly extraordinary demand.

Thank you Hugh and Kotkas for your reassuring responses. I was thinking this morning, it might have been the guy who crashed into my back garden wall a few months back and drove off - see my previous discussion post.

The van fits, it looked painted. My Insurance Company is currently chasing him, so he might have wanted to see who I was, hope not!

When you are frightened the mind tends to wander and makes everything larger and scarier.

Thank you J.

No, I don't Joane.

One can appreciate your concern but he might simply have been too preoccupied with keeping to his schedule and / or too embarrassed to admit he got it wrong. 

True, thanks Shariq. 

Nah. Doesn't sound suspicious. 

ye are cooking on gas the day.



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