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Fuji Foods is closing down Sunday.  It feels like someone died.  Such a loss.  Their lease came to an end and I think they are tired.


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NO! Say it ain't so. Massive blow - such an amazing place, such lovely people, such fantastic (and reasonable) sushi. Gutted.

I am also gutted.  Such a shame.

So is the Fugu fish I hope

 Two Found Haiki from Masaoka Shiki

It feels like someone

died. Such a loss. Say it ain't

so Gutted. Me too.

Hokusai might cap-

ture such Waves of Sushi-Grief

off Karringaya.


Oh no...  It was my choice of Japanese grocers.  Loved the "master" and his wife.  Maybe, we will pop by this Sat to say cheerio.

What???? Noooooooooo! Can't be true?? Best sushi in London! Now where are we supposed to go? AARRGGHHH!
Unmitigated disaster. So they are not starting up again? Anyone know the owners address for sending them a thank you card?
anyone know if they're closing down permanently or might be moving to another location? Am devastated! Where will i get my monthly sashimi fix now! :(

When I spoke to them it was permanent: in order to renew the lease they had to commit to another 10 years.  Husband is no spring chicken and as any regular would know, worked like a dog in that place.  So they decided to stop altogether and take a break with no idea what they would do subsequently.

They did very good business there so I have no doubt they have some kind of financial cushion.

To be honest, the loss of the sushi as such is not such a big deal to me personally although they spoiled me for any other.  It was the way they ran their business - unpretentious yet high quality, utterly focussed, professional, unfailingly friendly.  Such an asset to the local community and a saviour for those days when the idea of cooking is unbearable.  If only every takeaway business would take a leaf out of their book.

I tried Ohba Leaf on Tottenham Lane (new Japanese replacing Nakama) and it had fantastic sushi and they do delivery too.

Not sure if its gossip but someone told me that their lease was due and Tesco's have offered them a relatively large sum of money to not renew their lease.  The same with the restaurant next door!!  Something tells me there will be a Tesco Metro opening there in a short space of time!

If only every takeaway business would take a leaf out of their book.

Indeed, every takeaway business would grab a leaf out of the Tesco land bank book. At least once upon a time, pre-Lidl & Aldi.



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