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An open and hopefully constructive dialogue is starting between Haringey Council, residents and Green Lane restaurant owners about commercial cooking pollution. Cooking related emissions are estimated to make up a significant proportion of all air pollution, and the concentration of restaurants on Green Lanes has created challenges for residents. The objective of the dialogue is to identify the scope of the problem with a view to potentially undertaking some work to determine practical solutions for all stakeholders. 

In order for the council to understand the scale of the issue, information has been requested on which residents are affected by cooking smoke. If you have been impacted, please fill in this form with your name and post code and any comments - it only takes a few seconds. This information will ONLY be shared with Haringey Council and councilors. 

So we can better understand who is affected, please do share this with people locally, especially on street WhatsApp and other local groups. 

Fill in the form here

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This is great news, Justin. Well done to those involved.

Commercial cooking is responsible for a greater share of PM2.5 emissions in neighbouring Islington than motor vehicles. It's the particulates that kill. Imperial College suggests it is even worse in Camden. I can't seem to find any useful data for Haringey. 

Unfortunately, it's been so much easier to sell the local middle-classes on the idea of gating their roads and communities to solve the air pollution issue. It barely touches the sides, but adds value to homes.

And yes, for those at the back, you read it right... commercial cooking is the source of a greater share of PM2.5 emissions in our neighbouring boroughs than motor vehicle traffic. Get a good view of Green Lanes from an elevated spot either end of Harringay most nights and you'll get an idea of the muck we are breathing in. Particularly on the eastern side of GL. 

Again, well done Justin and good luck with this initiative. 

Well done Justin! 
Yes AND less we forget… the heavy particulates from trendy domestic wood burning stoves throughout the Ladder roads fired up this last week.



Thanks a lot for sharing this Justin, very interesting! Is anyone here a Green Lanes resident and directly affected?

I am a local freelance journalist and would love to write a story about this; I am very interested to hear about your experience!



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