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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Back at the end of 2006, I stumbled across the Wikipedia article for Harringay. It contained very little. One of the biggest parts was a section on organised crime. "That’s not the Harringay I know", I thought and reacted by changing just a little bit. I think one of my first edits was to add an explanation of the Harringay vs Haringey (mystery - as it then was - I'm glad to say that it's now been republished countless times all over the web and so it’s a mystery no longer!). I ended up rewriting pretty much the whole thing along with many other Harringay articles.

When you publish things on the web, you never know where it will end up. Little did I know, back then that what I wrote would be used to advertise the services of escorts some ten years later!

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You must have anticipated this question Hugh, but just how did you come across that particular website?

It was as I was following up looking for voting history. I think the precise search terms were “ Green Lanes Ward Haringey 1965”. No idea why Google threw that result out. 



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