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I have an elderly neighbour who is also very frail. She relies on carers and is not able to leave her home. She has no family near and is extremely lonely. Added to the problem is her English is not very good so she finds it difficult to communicate with people on the phone. Does anyone know of a group who might be able to help. She just needs people she can talk to as she spends all her time on her own.

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Hello KP,

There are a number of charitable organisations who offer a befriending service (although you may need her permission before any referrals):



Or, if you are friendly with your neighbours, perhaps you could get a rota going for drop-ins or tea visits?  I know this isn't always possible when we have our own schedules, but it might be worth a try.


that's very sad...and unfortunately it is an increasing problem. What language does she speak?(in case I can help)...

Jane Jones gave you two good links. I know age uk are  pretty good organizing activities etc, as I have a friend from the Midlands who volunteers there. 


Thanks for your suggestions Jane. Yes it is very sad. Unfortunately I don't think the neighbours are going to be able to provide her with the support she needs. Everyone works and is busy. She needs people around her age, many of whom I am sure are as in need of company. She speaks Spanish so other Spanish speakers would be ideal

Hi KP.

I can speak Spanish. I will send you a connection request. 



Sometimes older people like younger people around them. When I worked with Age UK Haringey, sometimes heard a few say 'I don't want to be with people my own age all the time!' Just a thought. Unfortunately Haringey Age UK no longer exists I believe but maybe tapping into the Spanish community somehow, any churches where Sp people go etc? Good luck. Always good to look out for our older neighbours

Drop Goodgym a message, this sort of thing is right up their street. They pair up runners with isolated older people - making sure that the runner stays motivated and that someone elderly gets a regular visit.

More info:



The contact is Lucy Elliott lucy@goodgym.org or 0203 432 3920

You don't say where she lives, but there is a Spanish-speaking congregation at St James church Muswell Hill. Somebody there may be able to help. There are of course a lot of Spanish speakers around Seven Sisters station.

It’s a big and increasing problem that I often think about and see. Re-education and acceptance by all that independence is not the holy grail of living. Families need to cater for the older ones more and not just self as what goes around comes around. Happy extended families should be the Holy Grail and aspiration, with grandchildren helping to keep the older ones youthful and contented within an extended family environment. Instead extended family life is increasingly being decimated by modern values, stigma and media and we end up having to artificially buy in support for lonely old people because parents and children are too independent with each other. For numerous reasons you will never achieve 100% the above but a reversal or trend towards would be the direction needed to be taken to reduce this problem.

Hi KP,

I am Spanish too, having lived in London for many years.

I will send you a connection link.




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