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No, this isn't related to our tiny little men of politics — Keir, Rishi, or Sadiq.

The new names of London's six Overground lines have been revealed, significantly changing the look of the famous Tube map.

Last August, Transport for London (TfL) announced it wanted to give the routes distinct identities to make it easier for passengers to navigate the network.

The services will become known as the Lioness line, the Mildmay line, the Windrush line, the Weaver line, the Suffragette line and the Liberty line.

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Best if you stick to GB news, they will like your ignorance and stupidity 

So this never happened?

And what has it got to do with GB news?

And let's add sexism to the mix, why not?

Where's the sexism?

I can only assume that you are unaware of the distinction between suffragists and suffragettes. The former were an admirable amd honourable group of women (and men) who do genuinely deserve to be recognised with something like a train line. The later group consisted of terrorists who deserve no honours.

You can read about it here (and other places).

The suffragettes enabled women in this country to have the vote. They did not hurt anybody in doing so, other than killing themselves which ultimately led to women getting the vote. Now I'm sure you hate the fact that women and black people and Muslim people etc have the vote and live in Harringay and have a voice. I really don't understand why you haven't been banned for your microaggressions. Fine, you have an opinion, but yours is just passive aggressive hate speech 

They did indeed hurt people. You can read about that here

The suffragists helped get women the vote. The suffragettes probably delayed their cause due to the violent methods they employed.

I'm not sure where you're getting the view that anyone on this thread hates women, black people or Muslims. I've never seen anything here that could reasonably lead you to that conclusion. You might want to read the admins response to your earlier concerns.

I'm a pretty passionate Londoner, and I really like the names and their rationale - and am pleased that operationally and navigationally they'll make it easier to use the Overground. I also quite like that I can tell people to take the Sufragette Line to Harringay Green Lanes. "Liberty" seems a bit rubbish of a name, and despite the rationale offered it feels like a sop to Brexit.

It's an ironic nod to Brexit voting in Havering, perhaps: Remain 42,201 , Leave 96,885. The highest percentage difference of all the London boroughs.

Ha! Could be.

I’d love a ‘Stardust’ line as a tribute to David Bowie. Politics free and is fun! 

Interesting piece on this (and the other newly names lines) from Diamondgeezer today.

diamond geezer

Very interesting (as he ever is) and a welcome chunk of *information* rather than invective. Thank you!



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