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No, this isn't related to our tiny little men of politics — Keir, Rishi, or Sadiq.

The new names of London's six Overground lines have been revealed, significantly changing the look of the famous Tube map.

Last August, Transport for London (TfL) announced it wanted to give the routes distinct identities to make it easier for passengers to navigate the network.

The services will become known as the Lioness line, the Mildmay line, the Windrush line, the Weaver line, the Suffragette line and the Liberty line.

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What a profoundly stupid set of names. Surely there’s a more rational naming approach than to pick a random set of ideals (all of which by the way should be celebrated) and just slap them as names of the overground lines in some pathetic act of virtue signaling. No pun intended. 

The Jewish population do appear to have been overlooked. Similarly the Polish population who helped defend us when we needed it most and have since contributed so much. Incidentally there were Polish refugees on the Empire Windrush. Doesn't quite get the press though.

Unsurprisingly, the Jewish population has not in fact been overlooked. 

"The Weaver line runs through Liverpool Street, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green and Hackney - areas of London known for their textile trade, shaped over the centuries by diverse migrant communities and individuals. It will be maroon parallel lines on the map."   TfL press release

But unsurprisingly no specific recognition of the Jewish people, especially at a time of rampant antisemitism in London when they most need and deserve visible support.

Likewise the Huguenots and the people of Indian descent who fled Uganda and Tanzania. 

Your ability to shoehorn some Daily Express-type racial grievance into a discussion while refusing to avail yourself of even the most obvious and accessible information on the topic is singularly extraordinary.

I'm sorry James. I simply don't know what point you are trying to make or why.


It would have been nice to somehow recognise our Jewish population and the immeasurable contributions they have made to our city particularly over the last 150 or so years.

And yet it's "virtue signalling" when we try to recognise the immeasureable contributions made by the Afro-Carribean community over the very many years? Like you really care about the Jewish Community, you just don't want the Afro-Caribbean Community to be recognised and it makes me so angry that you are still allowed to post your racist poison

They're not random. They have picked the names to match where the lines run, as explained here

(Liberty might be a bit of a stretch I admit)

Suffragettes Line is particularly unfortunate given their history of bombing trains and other terrorist activity. They might as well have named it the Hammas or IRA Line.

You’ll be moaning about women having the vote next. Unbelievably crass comment.



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