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A street light near me has been off for some time. My neighbour originally spotted it and reported it over 3 weeks ago. I have reported on the 'Love Clean Streets' app about a week ago. The response to reports on the app are usually pretty speedy, but the update on the report is stuck at "We will assess your report within two working days and decide how urgently it needs to be dealt with." There darkness on this part of the street is noticeable. My neighbour is concerned about the safety of it not being very well lit in this section of the street.

How long does it normally take for lights to be repaired? Has anyone else reported street lights not working and how long was the response time? How long do you think I should I wait before reporting it again? Many thanks for any advice!

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What's disappointing is the messaging from the council. If it has any aspiration to represent Starmer's de facto tory coalition leadership bid, it needs to course correct. 

A simple "Most lights are unaffected" should fit within the Mandelson/Campbell tory rubric. I have faith the council can triangulate its comms accordingly as it's shown great promise in the "Most of the park is unaffected" PR campaign of the past few summers. 

Back in 2007 a former Labour "cabinet" elected councillor for the Environment, would ask people to look on the positive side. "Glass half full; not half empty".

In this upbeat spirit I took the photo below where almost the entire width and length of this alley was clean and tidy. At least 24 metres were completely clear of dumping. These clear spaces were marred only by a rubbish pile near one end and a second interesting assortment at the other - mattress, smashed-up TV and bags of garbage.

Interestingly, at that time everything except the mattress could and would have been collected for free from the dumpers' homes. It took one phonecall.


To continue in the positive vein, recently someone came down my road and cleared away all the weeds growing on the pavement and in the gutter. But strangely only on my side of the street. Perhaps this was as compensation for not fixing the light.

The halcyon days of 2007... when the glass half full team at the council was busy burying the borough in a particularly noxious kind of Icelandic junk. Simpler times. 

I deleted my original reply, James N, because I didn't see the link to the Icelandic banks scandal. It involved some 100 UK Local Councils. All of whom were encouraged to take advantage of high interest rates in 2007.

If you wanted to take aim at Haringey Council's many mess-ups I suggest there are oodles more recent and several of these are just as foolish.

A reminder that this evening 11 September starting at 6.30pm is the Scrutiny Meeting which may or may not bring some fresh air and honesty to the street lighting repair mystery.

Just to make it a bit harder for us elderly residents to find stuff, someone seems to have shaken up the website a bit. So I've done a fresh search and here are the details as currently posted.

Climate, Community Safety & Culture Scrutiny Panel

Venue:   George Meehan House, 294 High Road, N22 8JZ

Contact:    Philip Slawther, Principal Scrutiny Officer
2957, Email: philip.slawther2@haringey.gov.uk

Also as of today the people expected are listed. (Though it's always possible that one or more may be unable to attend. (Postillion struck by Lightning and that sort of thing. This English etching from 1793 shows a postillion mounted on the front left horse.

Meeting attendance
Ian Sygrave Co-Optee Expected
Councillor Eldridge Culverwell Committee Member Expected
Councillor George Dunstall Committee Member Expected
Councillor Gina Adamou Committee Member Expected
Councillor Isidoros Diakides Committee Member Expected
Councillor Luke Cawley-Harrison Committee Member Expected
Councillor Michelle Simmons-Safo Chair Expected

Link to Agenda

Plainly people will bring their own theories about "who did it". Or failed to do it. And we know only that it wasn't in the library with a candlestick. I'm just wondering which of our Scrutiny sleuths may solve the case.

There were some lights out on Hermitage Road for ages. The council told me it was a UK Power Networks thing and they just had to wait for them to fix it. 

I dunno if anyone was able to view the Climate, Community Safety & Culture Scrutiny Panel at George Meehan House, N22 on 11 September.  I wasn't. Was anything useful reported or proposed?

As of this morning - nine days later - I couldn't find the recording online. So I sent an email to the Panel's Support Officer.


Climate, Community Safety & Culture Scrutiny Panel

Dear Mr Slawther,
I’m writing to you as the Principal Scrutiny Support Officer mentioned in the agenda for this meeting.

I tried but failed to access this meeting when it took place.  I was keen to get some information on the Council’s apparent recurrent failures to maintain street lighting. Subsequently I’ve tried and failed to find the recording online using the link given in the body of the report on the page headed “Notice  of the meeting”.  Am I doing something wrong perhaps?

As evenings are drawing in again it would be nice to be able to view the video before 2024. Have you any idea when it’s likely to be posted?

And by the way, I hope this is not another video where the sound doesn’t work at the start of the meeting.


Alan Stanton

Is it perhaps my hearing or the sound equipment? Or do other people find it hard to hear the sound on some of these recordings? A few councillors make an effort to speak clearly but others gabble and gargle.

Thanks Alan, I've been unable to find any notes or otherwise from this meeting. Zena didn't reply on here and I don't believe Gina's email is actually monitored. 

The original light I mentioned is still out and I've seen more since then. Thoroughly expect to be walking around barely lit streets by Christmas. 

Has anyone noticed if any of the lights they reported have been repaired?

Not the one I reported - four times now. Coming up to the first anniversary of my first report!

You could try adding a happy birthday sign round it. That seemed to work for getting a hole in the pavement fixed at the end of Sydney Road.



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