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How low can people get ?

Copied from Facebook.

Please help if you can.

John D


This morning my powered wheelchair was stolen from outside a friends house while I was inside. I was on Lordship Park in Stoke Newington, an...d It was stolen within a 30 minute window between 7.30am and 8.00am. Please share this as far and wide as possible, I am in shock but want to do all I can to track it down.

As you know my wheelchair is my legs. If you have any information contact me on here, on email domhyams@gmail.com or the police on 101. It's a Balder F280.

Thank you. I'll keep everyone updated.

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How unbelievably low. If you look at the pictures of the scooter on Don's Facebook page it's specially adapted for him to use and utterly useless to anyone else. The good news is that the anger the theft has caused seems to be creating a lot of news, so either the scooter will be spotted or the thief will realise there is no way they can sell it on.

This is it.



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