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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Back in harness this week after a few weeks away.

Desperately in need of some displacement activity............any displacement activity, I took up my occasional cudgel to get Harringay on the map - this time literally.

Responding to a query to Harringay Online's Flickr Group about Harringay's boundaries, I noticed for the umpteenth time that Harringay's name rarely makes it onto the big online maps. So, I thought I'd have a go for Google Maps. Their help section tells you to address any such queries to TeleAtlas.

Here's their log of my request to them. I'm not sure that I hold out much hope - but as displacement activities go, it was okay! You can track progress via the log entry.

If you feel so inclined, you can add your voice with your own request here.

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The most recent photo I posted within the HoL area was of the Gardens Residents' Association community garden. Flickr decided this was "Harringay Green Lanes" — which seemed fair enough.
Fair enough, except Harringay Green Lanes is a station, not a neighbourhood.
My experience on my Berlin photos on Flickr is that the area is virtually never correct.. Still you lot would never notice.. like the many who've no idea idea where on earth Harringay Green - lanes is.. °ö°
So is Tottenham Hale a station. Which is quite helpful when people visit us. But, teasing aside, Hugh, just click the "edit" button on the Flickr map. It will offer you options like:
● Tottenham, London
● Wood Green, London
● Haringey, London
● West Green, London
● Stroud Green, London
● Harringay Green Lanes, London
● Seven Sisters, London
● Harringay, London

Just click on Harringay, London and bingo!



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