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steam train to pass through Harringay today (Sat 7th Feb) at 1.15pm (ish)

this train is due to arrive at Kings Cross at 1.47pm so should pass by Hornsey and Harringay at some time after 1.15pm Full story here

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Anyone out there with a nice camera? Please take some photos!
We're going to go down and see if we can catch a glimpse - will have our cameras with us!
Or, even better, video.
I saw one looking like this at Alexandra Palace station a couple of years ago... it will be a very short movie.
Stephen added a video of that train to an earlier post.
30 seconds worth of train, less than 10 of the engine.
My son is a train fanatic (and he's only 4!) so will be at Hornsey Station with video (but quite an old camera so probably not uploadable).

Train due through Alexandra Palace 1:30pm & Finsbury Park 1:38pm.
A couple of shots from Finsbury Park:

Nice shots Nigel. It obviously stopped at Finsbury whereas it raced through Hornsey. Damn, chose the wrong station!
Why didn't you choose the former 'Train Spotters Platform' in Finsbury Park itself.. That's where we used to stand -- you get a good long view there.. I have mentioned it before..
There was some confusion about which line it would come in on. It should have come in on platform 1 but was delayed at Peterborough (a signal failure I think, which was holding all the electric trains up as well) and ended up coming through on Platform 2.

Finsbury Park was very busy - so we just got as close as we could.
I think that 'train spotters platform' has been removed, Steve (I didn't know what it was, overlooking the bridge near the Oxford Road entrance, until you mentioned it).



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