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Steam train due through Harringay Green Lanes station on Saturday 10th - I think

Back in the summer I was surprised to see a steam train going past on the Barking - Gospel Oak Overground line - and a few weeks later my 3 year old saw another one.

I did some research, and turned up this company, who run some services from Southend, crossing London (e.g. Southend-Winchester)- 


As far as I can see, there should be another train going past this Saturday 10th December:


The train leaves Upminster at 9.54, so should come through Harringay Green Lanes sometime between 10 and 11 I guess.

It'll also be returning through Upminster at 21.10.

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Wonderful. my son adores trains!


Has the times it will reach various points on its journey

South Tottenham 10:45

Harringay Park Junction 10:50

Gospel Oak 10:57

There has been a steam train going through Harringay station a couple of times at night recently.

And another note on this after a kind alert from Ian Mansfield of Ian Visits.

where is harringay park junction? 


Just about here, I think. Remember HGL started off its life as Harringay Park.

\right so it will pass through harringay station and not green lanes station. is that correct?

I don't think so. As far as I'm aware it's Harringay Green Lanes.

Thanks hugh

Did anyone see the train?



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