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Steam locomotive, Flying Scotsman, Thu 17 Jun around 0800 Harringay station

It's been a... v e r y... long time - 16 months - since Duchess of Sutherland passed through [link].
This time, assuming no problems beforehand, Flying Scotsman will haul an excursion to Cambridge/Norwich and return on Thu 17 June.
I'm estimating the precise time at Harringay - Steam Dreams, the tour operator, say it leaves King's Cross at 0755 [link].

Flying Scotsman's fame leads incautious spectators to cross strict railway boundaries and stand too close to the tracks which delays the train.
No-one will think of doing that here, will they?? Behind the yellow line thank you, DEFINITELY not down the platform ramps to track level.

And, cough, on ALL parts of railway stations, people are required to wear masks unless exempt.
Platforms indeed are mostly in the open air as at Harringay but can become crowded - as indeed they may be with such a well-known engine as Flying Scotsman.

PS Before last August Bank Holiday a steam-hauled excursion got within a few hours of me posting it here, in those 'dine out to help out' days - it was pulled not because of Covid but because of last-minute Network Rail operating restrictions. Hopes dashed at the eleventh hour, eh - we've all had some of that.

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Thanks for the info Gordon - great to know.

Thank you Gordon

Assume it'll be booked slow line Gordon. Waiting for the obligatory 717 arriving at Harringay to bowl the onlookers...! (This shouldn't happen - stoppers at Harringay are at 0756 and 0811 - unless Scotsman is delayed......)

Things are so bad with Scotsman that details of the timetable aren't offered - they're even obscured in the national timetable, much like the Royal Train and certain dangerous goods trains. Worth noting, for the foolhardy considering a little incursion down the ramp, that this is one of the busiest rail corridors in the country in the morning rush hour, even in Covid times. Going down on to the railway will, at best, cause many thousands of people to be delayed. At worst it might mean meeting a train doing 60-90mph face first. One will attract the ire of many, the other will kill you. Don't do either!

No Flying Scotsman this Thursday now - announced as postponed till autumn at short notice.

thanks for the heads-up Gordon.



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