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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

...And for all of you who didn't manage to get your acts together to see the steam train steaming through Harringay (Green Lanes) station and beyond... Here is a you tube link video:


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Thanks Shem - sounds like the family enjoyed it!

(PS: I've embedded your video in the post. Hope that's ok.)

Here she blows through South Tottenham station.

It made me cry. Can anyone explain?

Coming back tonight 8pm-ish, for a second chance.

What a great pic. Wish I'd made the effort.

Now you know why I go about them Pam.. :o)

I remember steam hauled trains on this line ..  mostly much smaller than this locomotive tho'

The highlights of the line were the P&O 'Boat trains' that ran regularly from St Pancras to Tilbury Riverside via Harringay & Tottenham connecting up with the emigrant ships to Australia & NZ. They were steam hauled until around 1962-63

I heard about those boat trains this morning, from someone who had come to SoTo from Penge for these thirty glorious seconds. 

And a great picture from Chris Laver (copyright Chris Laver) via the GRA. Taken from Parkland Walk:




That's a stuffed bird innit?

Don't you recognise it? It's a Harringay Bird of Peace.

If you do a twitter search on "steam train" today you'll find videos and photos from various parts of the train's route - and I few people who are a bit puzzled to see (or hear) a steam train!!

And another form Michael Warhurst via the GRA:




This is a 'Britannia' BR Standard Class 7 Locomotive: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BR_standard_class_7_70000_Britannia

I'm a fan of standardised locomotives: http://www.flickr.com/photos/isarsteve/galleries/72157622354003075/

70000 Britannia was the first of 55 Standard class 7 engines to be built in Crewe by British Railways.

Completed in January 1951 she was built for express passenger services between London and Norwich. The BR Standard classes were designed by drawing on the best qualities from several previous locomotives to create an efficient engine that was produced with lower maintenance costs and weight saving measures to enable it to work across a wider geography. Britannia has 2 cylinders, 6 driving wheels and a firebox of 42ft2 with most of the motion situated on the outside of the frames for ease of maintenance. Whilst limited to 75mph the locomotive is capable of reaching speeds up to 100mph. For many years Britannia’s cab roof was painted white to commemorate her pulling the funeral train of King George VI from Sandringham to London in 1952. After 15 years of service in May 1966 Britannia was retired and after spells at preserved railways returned to the national network between 1991 and 1997 until major repairs were required and the locomotive was withdrawn for overhaul. In 2010 Britannia was steamed once more and 2011 marks the locomotive’s return to the main line after a 14 year absence.

- from the Steam Dreams blurb. It's actually slightly interesting.



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