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Do you live on Stanhope Gardens and want to be part of the Gardens community?


I recently moved in and would love to connect more with people in my community. The potential for games nights, few beers at The Finsbury, BBQ's, football at Finsbury Park are the types of things I had in mind (when lockdown 2.0 ends). While lockdown is still going on we can I'm sure we can creatively think of things to do!


Keeping each other safe is important and beneficial for us all. My car got stolen only a few months ago from outside my house and speaking to residents on the Gardens, it seems like similar things have happened. Whether it is the never-ending strange noises at 3 in the morning, someone's alarm going off or the homeless crew shooting up in our front gardens we can easily notify each other if anything is going on.

With the recent car explosion as well that destroyed the internet for many of us, I'm sure giving each other a helping hand is something that would be much appreciated.


Whether you work part-time, full-time or own your own business, we can all network and connect privately to see what kinds of opportunities there are for each other. Residents here range from business owners, artists to students and things we have been searching for for years may well be in front of our nose.

Message me on (+44)7501 841 948 to join!

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Telegram is good but not as widely used. WhatsApp is simple and easy to use.

We have one of these on my street (Warham Road) and it’s a very positive development

Hi Michael,

Is this still in operation? I seem to have missed this and would like to join- can I DM you?

Hi Elizabeth - I’ve sent you a message about this.

You should try connecting with the Garden Residents Association who are very active. They operate the little garden just down from you and had a bicycle marking scheme with SNT at the weekend.  

Hi RZX - The Gardens Residents Assoc (GRA) has been established since 1999 ( its our 21st year this year).

We carry out lots events and activities prior to Covid. you can join here:

http://gardensresidents.blogspot.com  ( click join group if you live in the Gardens) 

We have four Neighbourhood Watch Groups established in the Gardens on Stanhope, Doncaster, Roseberry, & Warwick Gardens which are joined up.   ( We are looking for people to start ones in Chesterfield, Kimberly and Portland Gardens so we can get a full set. We carry out Play-streets , Community Gardening, tree planting & street gardening in the street planters, mange our own cycle hangars that we fundraise for and manage.  We deliver lots of activities in the Community Garden in Doncaster Gardens off Stanhope Gardens. We are a multi Award Winning Residents Assoc, If you have time on your hands and want to contribute to the Gardens and wider community why not join the GRA, we are always looking for enthusiastic people to contribute. 

How did the car explode???!!

No idea. Apparently, it was an electrical fault...



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