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Does anyone else feel that the road is dangerous? The layout around Chesnuts Park, the Primary school and the hospital is shocking. There is nowhere for pedestrians to cross to get between the park and the hospital or to get across to the primary school. I mean its a primary school! This is made worse by the mini roundabout so drivers are not looking out for pedestrians. There is a zebra crossing further down St Ann's road but from my experience drivers regularly shoot through and then hold up a hand to say sorry for breaking the law!

If you go futher down and then try to cross salisbury road again there is no crossing and the cars regularly speed on this stretch of road. How do we go about getting the road layout changed?

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You mention the "zebra crossing further down St Ann's road" (West of Black Boy Lane); it's right on a bend. I cycle both ways most days and see dangerous overtakes often!

There is a pedestrian crossing (traffic lights) from the park to the entrance to the school (on Black Boy Lane) - near the bus stop. But even here I have on a few occasions seen cars blithely carrying on and ignoring the red light.

I think there are probably enough crossing in this area (as John's listed). The thing I worry about is the crazy drivers who ignore Zebra and other crossings, drive far too fast and the ones who try to overtake buses when there really isn't room.

There are crossings outside the primary school but they are little more than drops in the curb. What I'd like to see is the removal of the mini roundabout to be replaced with traffic lights and formal pedestrian crossings at the junction of black boy lane and st Ann's road.

The zebra crossing further down st Ann's outside the coral betting shop and mini mart is very poorly positioned as others have said. I just crossed it and again cars failed to stop. The junction of Salisbury road is also dangerous and should have a pedestrian crossing and there should be speed reduction measures along all of st Ann's as it's a hotspot for speeding and dangerous driving.

I live on Cornwall Road and feel like the main problem with St Ann's road is cars shooting through the mini roundabouts (Black Boy Lane/Hermitage Road). The crossing on Black Boy Lane between the park and the school is also dangerous because cars literally fly around the bend, especially when turning left into Black Boy Lane. I think what you need is a. speed bumps and b. speed cameras. But as ever I feel like this side of the borough is forgotten :(

Yup, both those roundabouts and that bend in particular are danger zones. It's on my running route and I always treat that crossing with as much caution as I'd treat a road without crossing lights. Sadly I share your feelings on the reasons behind this and various other daily downers.  Oh well. 

I live just round the corner from Cecilia and think there is a problem with St Ann's Road, and West Green Road (where a pedestrian was killed on a crossing a few years ago), but I really hate Cornwall Road, because cars come down really fast from West Green Road. The obnoxious pavement cyclists don't help.

A few years ago Islington introduced a 20mph speed limit across the borough, Haringey refused to follow suit.

Haringey is now working on expanding coverage from the current set of 20 mph zones to 'residential' roads and 'roads near schools' across the borough, building on the 20mph consultation from last year.

This Council agenda item from July 2014 gives more detail.

NB there is an attachment which is the full report, at the bottom of the page. The last page of that attachment is a map identifying non-20mph roads and 'town-centre' 20mph main roads.

Green Lanes from the Endymion Rd junction to north of Wood Green is marked as a town centre 20mph throughout. Endymion Rd and St Ann's Rd look like they will be included in the 20mph roads as the proposal currently stands, though West Green Rd is marked as 30mph (except near a school). What means of enforcement will be used beyond signs and road markings is unclear, to me at least.  

That's good but West Green Road needs to be 20 mph too, particularly considering that a woman was killed there, on a crossing. On a road which has lots of pedestrian crossings, should people really be driving at 30 mph? I really don't believe that drivers in residential areas need to drive so fast. And the roundabout near me is just outside 3 schools on West Green Road/Philip Lane, as well as a park. It doesn't seem to stop people whizzing round it and down the one way Cornwall Road.

I would think if the whole area is 20 mph, it would be harder for drivers to claim ignorance when they have to slow down from 30.

Well, lobbying the West Green ward councillors is a way of making your voice heard where it counts.....

Black Boy Lane is notionally a 20 mph zone, but I don't think ti's ever been enforced.  It took us 13 years to get the new crossing on BB Lane, so good luck.

It's on record that the Met consider 20mph limits 'unenforceable'. See here, for example.

In effect, below 30mph motorists are allowed to set their own limits. This goes a long way to explaining the sort of behaviour we see on the roads.

I just wonder what would happen if this affected, say, the Harringay ladder ... #justsaying



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