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This is really an adjunct to the existing LTN discussion threads.

My road in St Ann’s — previously so quiet it almost had tumbleweed blowing down it — has now become a scooter/motorbike racetrack. Because the LTN has clogged up West Green and St Ann’s roads, the newly “liberated” streets in the LTN are so clear that bikes can get up to top speed in just a few yards and they’re apparently exempt when crossing the LTN borders in the middle of the ward. This makes north/south travel for scooters and motorbikes even faster and more attractive in the LTN than it was before.

So much for safer streets; it can now be more dangerous to cross the road than it was, not less. Has anyone else noticed this in their road?

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I've noticed the same. However, the prevalence of speeding motorscooters is not due to an exemption but the fact that a large proportion of them have fake or stolen pltes which means they are untraceable when it comes to enforcement action. They effectively drive with impunity. That is why they drive the way they do down Green Lanes weaving in an out of traffic and running red lights. Many are not in the country legally or are working under the guise of a student visa. I have many friends from the hospitality trade who entered the delivery industry during the pandemic. Many cannot afford to have a scooter legally linkable to them so they have fake plates. The upside of course is that our dinners are not delayed by the LTN traffic.

Gordon — Is there evidence for your assertions about fake number plates and the illegal immigrant status of some riders?

If it’s any use, this came up at the LCSP meeting tonight and our local police constable confirmed that this is happening. 

Not just here either. See this as another example.

Gordon — Well, yes, of course that makes the headlines, and no doubt, as Hugh reports, the Ladder community PC is sincere in his comment (presumably based only on incidents where the police have actually intervened and found one or more riders/bikes in these categories).

I’m always sceptical about broad-brush generalisations about types of people, though, unless there’s evidence to substantiate them. I certainly wouldn’t know an immigration overstayer — or, indeed, fake numberplates — by looking at them, so I wondered if the diagnosis of who’s riding bikes and scooters through the area had been published. 

My original point, though, was to do with the law of unintended consequences: roads such as mine in St Ann’s that were already devoid of traffic — and never needed an LTN to begin with — have been joined by newly-closed roads; together, this clears an even larger area of cars and now gives motorbikes and scooters a (literally) open road that, for some, is an invitation to speeding, because traffic isn’t there to inhibit them and it’s now much quicker to zip through the area than use West Green or St Ann’s/Harringay roads or Green Lanes. One could perhaps call it “rat-running”. I was asking if anyone else had seen this, or whether my observation was based on isolated incidents.

So you're accusing the motorcyclists of being criminal illegal immigrants without a shred of evidence? 

Some of them are. You don't have to believe me but if you read above you'll see that the local police have said the same.

Gordon — Well, one policeman confirmed that “this” is happening (not sure if Hugh’s reference is to the riders or the number plates), but it doesn’t seem much of a basis for such a sweeping description. Are there other available reports or statistics? Can Hugh add any detail on what was said at the LCSP meeting?

I'll publish the relevant section of the minutes when they are published - assuming that Ian Sygrave has chosen to minute that statement (which was made in response to a resident's question).

They're not exempt from the LTN.

Our road has 1 camera on the filter, facing north. Since motorbikes only need plates on the back, they can drive with impunity from north to south. And they do. We have a motorcycle garage at the top of the road and our road has always been a test track. That hasn’t stopped, and when I raised the problem with the feedback email address, this is their response to my concern:

’Rest assured that whilst your comments regarding motorcycles driving at excessive speeds have been considered and noted, we believe one camera solution has been quite effective in reducing vehicular traffic on Woodlands Park Road. We are aware that motorcycles might be exploiting gaps between planters and the curb and in the case of Woodlands Park Road go through the front facing camera.  We continue to review all LTN locations to ensure roads are safer for all residents.

Finally with regards to vehicles mounting the pavement, this is something that Haringey Council cannot stop and needs to be enforced by the Police.’

We can’t get police to attend open drug dealing, they’re not going to come out for traffic offences. Cars, vans and motorbikes all mount the pavement to avoid the filter. So no, they’re not exempt but they’re driving through them as if they are.

The strange thing I've seen is they are driving over the pavement to avoid going between the two no motor vehicles signs on the road. This would still of course be visible to the cameras so I don't understand the purpose. They're not doing it just to cut the corner as it takes then longer. If they're on fake plates, why bother? Is there some loophole, like as they're council cameras they can't fine for driving on the pavement? Since wgbr has gone live, I've seen this a lot on the corner of Langham and Belmont roads. 



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