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Just gone through in detail the consultation associated with Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. The word Low seems to be a euphemism, no traffic neighbourhood seems to be the order of the day.

I do not understand where the council officers get their data. They state that the majority of residents do not own or use a car. So why is it so difficult to park even if you have a parking permit for the CPZ?

I have a disabled daughter and a wife with ME/Chronic fatigue and there will be no allowances for disabled access in either option. Roads are being shut to traffic, the surrounding area will be grid locked at times impacting the buses. With many of the roads having almost only one way in, how do they get deliveries and the refuse lorries in and around the area. The roads are too narrow for even a 7.5 tonne truck to turn around in. It will be difficult for cars to do three point turns.

I have lived in London since 1979, and in the borough since 1988 and in the St Ann's area since 1997. We have loved it. We raised both our children in the area and our disabled daughter (an adult now) has a support system in place.

We have asked for simple measures to make the roads safer without serious disruption to traffic flow. simple speed and weight limit enforcement would make a huge difference, but the council solution is an LTN which will drive a local garage out of business and make driving around the area almost impossible.

I am not in a minority of one, just come round the area and count the number of parked cars.

If this proposal goes through, I will have to take the early retirement I cannot afford and move away from the city I love.

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I love to drive, and driving in various parts of London is part of my reason for living. Take this away and a significant part of the joy of living in London disappears.

This is like smokers complaining about not being able to smoke in pubs anymore. Regardless of what happens with this LTN London is going to become more and more restrictive to drivers.

Both options will be positive for house prices and yield the associated benefits.

Both options will benefit house prices, it may for those that do not want to drive.

Increasing house prices only benefits those that sell up and move out of the area, so what is the benefit of house prices if you have loved living in the area since 1997 and brought their children to adulthood in the area and would rather stay and not benefit from increased house prices and rented houses as no family can afford to buy a house. I certainly could not afford my house now or for the last fifteen years.

So on the basis that I will have to leave, roll on the LTN and the increase in house prices.

Wrong. There are lots of benefits of house price rises especially for people in your situation. For example you could remortgage and free up some money for a loft conversion, renovations to suit your family or look at equity release to supplement your pension in old age (but only after getting independent financial advice first).

If a place becomes more desirable for people to move to, doesn't it follow that it becomes more desirable for the people who already live there?

Heaven for some is hell for others.

Whether there is an increase will depend on the people who want to move here. The Chelsea tractor brigade may not consider this such a good move with the vehicle restrictions, the ban all cars forever people will love it.

As I said, I could not afford to buy my house, in the current economic climate, borrowing is a risky business.

Interest rates are at a historic low, so there is only one way for them to go.

Borrowing as you approach retirement and having a drop in income is not so attractive.

Borrowing at a time where you could get laid off at any time may not be an attractive option.

Having known people who have taken out equity release, it is not as simple as it first appears.

Just look at what happened in 2008.

The best option of a rising market is to sell and move down market if you need money.

I have paid off my mortgage and would like to move somewhere with more space. A garden and a second bedroom (ie somewhere I can use as an office now we are all expected to give up our personal space for work) are my priorities. I can't afford that in St Ann's so will have to move out of the area. I have another 20-odd years of earning (subject to my disability not worsening) so can get another mortgage.

But I will really miss St Ann's if I leave at a time when my surroundings are set to improve immensely!

My point that has been so obviously missed by my expression of Heaven for some hell for others is that the gain for one section of the community is a loss for another section of the community. Each of my points give an example that where there may be a gain in one street there will be a knock on impact on others.

It has been rightly pointed out that the council officers only ever tell half the story. The area may have accident problems, but if these are on St Ann's Road and West Green Road, then these proposals will not reduce, and may even increase, those accidents.

In addition, there has been absolutely no discussion about the SCHOOL RUN. This is the primary driver of both increased traffic and bad behaviour (from all parties) between the hours of 08:30 and 09:30 and the period between 15:00 and 16:30.

Just travel during those hours in the school holidays and see the huge difference.

Last Thursday at around 16:00, we walked from Green Lanes home to Black Boy Lane. Green Lanes was more or less gridlocked as usual and although both my wife and Daughter could do without the walk it was quicker than the bus.

We walked along Riches Road, Conway Road, Etherly Road and finally Cranleigh Road before Black Boy Lane. The roads had such "high" traffic, I decided to count the vehicles that passed us along the way:

Two in Riches Road

One in Cranleigh Road

We also saw in the distance another three cars.

It made me think about, both overspill and the human factors of accidents.

With the filters in place traffic travelling west along Cranleigh Road will be diverted south along Etherly Road and west along Conway Road, so the potential gain in Cranleigh road will be the loss on the south end of Etherly Road and Conway Road.

One person's heaven can become another person's hell.

Also where roads are quiet, human behaviour can become complacent, if you are used to quiet roads, there is a tendency to speed and a tendency to not look for traffic when crossing the road.

Love a bit of victim blaming. Nice one. So, pedestrians need to be kept on their toes... by.... exposure to speeding/polluting traffic. Sign me up!

Victim blaming?

Human factors influence most accidents, The guy who uses grinders without eye protection, running down stairs, not looking when you cross the road, not wearing a hard hat in a dropped object area, not stabilising a ladder before climbing it, not having safety boots when using lifting equipment.

If someone is used to a road being quiet they are more likely to walk out onto it without looking. We have all done it. Most of the time we are okay, but one day the law of averages catches up with us.

If someone does not expect cars to be coming the other way, they are less likely to check their speed.

Next it will be suggested that someone using their mobile phone while driving and has a collision, it must be the other person's fault.

With the filters in place traffic travelling west along Cranleigh Road will be diverted south along Etherly Road and west along Conway Road, so the potential gain in Cranleigh road will be the loss on the south end of Etherly Road and Conway Road.

One person's heaven can become another person's hell.

Except that with the filters in place (assuming Option A is taken) there will be a net decrease in traffic as there won't be the thousands of cars coming up and down Black Boy Lane and cutting through. The only traffic that will be going Cranleigh->Etherly-> Conway are the dozen or so houses at the east end of Cranleigh and maybe another dozen or so south of the Black Boy Lane filter.



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